School Reopening News: Will schools in your city also open from September 21? Know the guidelines and every information related to it ….

School Reopening News in Hindi: In the midst of the havoc of Corona, the exercise to bring the country back on track through Unlock is going on again. Gradually all facilities are being restored. Meanwhile, metro service has also been started. Now the biggest questions are arising in everyone’s mind about the opening of the school. It was expected that in the fourth phase of Unlock (Unlock 4.0), the central government will take a big decision to open schools and colleges that have been closed for six months due to the epidemic. However, according to the guidelines issued by the government, from September 21, only students from 9th to 12th will be able to go to school only after getting written consent from their parents. In such a situation, many state governments can open schools here. Also Read – School Reopening News: This primary school of UP was studying for the past 1 month, studies went viral and then …

Uttar Pradesh School Reopening News
School-colleges can be opened in Uttar Pradesh keeping in mind the guidelines of the Central Government. Although UP Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma said that the condition of Corona in the state will be monitored till September 15, only then a decision will be taken. The Education Minister said that we are monitoring the situation in Corona and whether or not the children have to call the school or how the arrangements are to be made or whether everything related to the opening of the school will depend on the situation of the Corona virus. But no one can decide. He said that a concrete decision will be taken only after 15 September to reopen the school in the state. Also Read – School Not Reopen From September 21: Whether or not schools will open this month, know what is the government’s intention, read 10 big things

Haryana School Reopening News
The education minister of Haryana has given a big statement regarding the opening of the school. Education Minister Kanwar Pal Gurjar said during a program that we are fully ready to open schools in the state, we are waiting for the permission and guidelines of the central government. He said that the state government has completed preparations on its behalf to open the school and if permission is received from the central government, we will open the school immediately. Also Read – School Reopen Latest News In Hindi: Classes from 9th to 12th started in this state today, but studies only…

Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh School Reopening News)
Classes of government and private schools of Madhya Pradesh from 9th to 12th will start from September 21. District Education Officer Nitin Saxena has issued its orders on Friday. In the order issued, he informed that SOP will be strictly followed as per the school re-opening guidelines of the center. There are 79 government, 200 affiliated to MP board and 132 high and higher secondary schools affiliated to CBSE in Bhopal. According to the guidelines, children of 9th-12th are required to get written permission from parents for coming to school.

Delhi School Reopening News
The Directorate of Education (DoE) Delhi government said that all schools in Delhi will remain closed till September 30 due to the corona epidemic, but from September 21, students from senior classes can visit their institutes to seek guidance from teachers. The directorate has said that up to 50 percent of teaching and non-teaching staff can be called to schools outside the COVID-19 content zone for online teaching, tele-counseling and related work. He said, ‘All schools will be closed for students till September 30 in the wake of COVID-19 epidemic. However, in government schools, students from class 9th to 12th may be allowed to visit their schools only in areas outside the content zone on a voluntary basis to seek guidance from their teachers.

Uttarakhand School Reopening News
Schools and colleges in Uttarakhand will remain closed till 30 September. The state government has not yet given permission to open the school completely. In fact, there have been more than 29 thousand corona infection cases in Uttarakhand. Of these, about nine thousand people are still infected with the disease, their treatment is going on.

Jharkhand School Reopening News
The Jharkhand government is also in favor of opening schools in the midst of an epidemic. Education minister of Jharkhand Vaidyanath Mahato says that children’s education is suffering. He told, ‘We have come to know from a survey that only 27 percent of the online class students in urban areas are able to take advantage. This figure is even worse in rural areas. Some children do not even have a mobile connection. ”He said that the government is working in this direction and keeping in mind the guidelines issued by the central government, we are moving in this direction.

Andhra Pradesh School Reopening News
Schools are being opened in Andhra Pradesh also from 21 September. Here 50 percent teaching and 50 percent non-teaching staff can be called in the school. Any student from class 9 to 12 can go to school and study after the written permission of their family members. This information has been given by the state government.

On the other hand, Union Minister of State for Health Ashnani Kumar Choubey shared on Twitter the guidelines related to the opening of the school. According to the guidelines, a distance of 6 feet between the chairs and the table in the classroom will be necessary. Classroom activity will be at different times, social distancing will have to be taken care of. It will be mandatory for students and teachers to wear masks. Students will not be allowed to share laptops, notebooks, stationery among themselves. Disinfection of classrooms, laboratory, parking area and chairs, benches that are frequently touched will be necessary.