Schools Reopen in Unlock 4.0 News: Schools are closed for about 6 months, will schools and colleges be opened with Unlock 4 now ..?


School Reopen in Unlock 4.0 News: Since the last week of March last year, all the educational institutes including schools and colleges have been completely closed due to Corona virus. Due to the closure of the school for five months, there has been a significant loss of education and now everyone is just waiting for when the government will re-open the school and college reopen so that Further studies could begin. Although the government started online studies with the closure of the school, but due to lack of proper arrangements, it could not prove to be more effective and most of the parents were also not satisfied. Also Read – Schools Reopen in India from September, Fact Check What schools are going to open in the middle of Corona crisis ..?, Learn the truth here

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The spread of corona in the country is spreading rapidly so far, more than three million people have been infected with corona in India, due to which the government does not want to take any hasty decision to open a school college. The Ministry of Education had earlier said that no such decision will be taken in a hurry that will harm the health of children. So far, no guidelines have been issued by the government to open the school, but these days social media and all media reports are saying that the school will be opened from September 1. So far, it is only speculation whether the schools will open from September 1.

It is also being said that before August it was expected that from August 15, the school and college would be allowed to open in the country, but later the government issued instructions to completely close the school colleges till August 31. Were given

Let us tell you that Unlock 4.0 is starting in the country from September 1 and gradually the country is moving towards fully unlocked, so there is a lot of hope that from 1 September 2020, government schools will be opened in all states of the country. Can decide.

If school colleges open with unlock, then it will be the responsibility of the state government to implement the guidelines and rules so that children are completely protected from virus infection. Maintaining social distancing in children during the Corona crisis will also be a big challenge for the school and the government.


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