Scorn and his terrifying biopunk adventure coming to PC and Xbox shortly


The video game is one of the great appointments marked on the genre’s calendar for this new year.

Elden Ring, Horizon: Forbidden West, Starfield, God of War: Ragnarok are some of the most anticipated games from the 3DJuegos writing team, but in that list we could also include Scorn, who in each of his trailers has made it clear that It is one of the strongest candidates to give us a very bad time in 2022. But until its launch there is still a lot of time, although this month we will have news.

This has been announced by its authors through a message shared on social networks, where we are invited to keep our eyes open for new updates.

The latest highlights of the horror video game reached us just a month ago, when Ebb Software confirmed the October launch of Scorn with a disturbing new look at the adventure announced for PC and Xbox Series X | S. Let us also remember that Scorn the day of its release will arrive on Xbox Game Pass.

Since then there has been little news shared by its authors, so we can look forward to a comprehensive new look at this stark epic inspired by HR Giger’s surreal designs that we’ve been talking about since 2016.

Scorn’s story takes place in a nightmarish universe of strange figures and gloomy setting that the player, isolated and lost, will have to explore in a non-linear way, crossing different interconnected regions inhabited by puzzles and characters that are essential to create a cohesive world. Scorn draws a lot of attention for its visual power, being one of the 20 Next-Gen Graphics Games to come that we collected in a special video.

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