Scott Derrickson Says Why He Quit Working On Doctor Strange 2


Scott Derrickson Says Why He Quit Working On Doctor Strange 2:

Scott Derrickson made the first Doctor Strange movie in 2016 as well as was supposed to make the second one, but he left the project because he had different ideas about how to make it. Derrickson says that there were real problems between how he wished to create the movie as well as the way Disney did it.

Derrickson said within an interview alongside the Playlist’s show The Discourse that he quit Multiverse of Madness due to the enjoyed a different idea for the movie that would come after Doctor Strange, which came out in 2016.

Derrickson said, “All I can say is that what we stated in public is exactly the truth.” “We had very different ideas. The movie I intended to make as well as the way I wished to make it were different, and it became more and more clear that we were pulled in opposite directions.

Doctor Strange Within The Multiverse Of Madness Was Originally Going To Be Very Different From The First Movie:

And I think that’s how you craft a terrible movie. When the producer, the company, and the director all make their own movies, you get a “monstrosity,” which is why I had to “bounce.”

The director also said that his initial version of Doctor Strange within the Multiverse of Madness will have been “extremely different from the first film” and that it would have been, in a way, “a real horror film,” which is something he has said before.

When the second Doctor Strange movie was first announced, Derrickson said that his goal was to make it a cosmic horror movie.

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Marvel Studios Chose The Famous Director Sam Raimi To Make The Movie:

But after they broke up, Marvel Studios picked renowned director Sam Raimi to make the movie. Doctor Strange within the Multiverse of Madness came out in 2022 and got mostly mixed reviews, though Raimi’s direction was praised.

Within 2020, Marvel Studios said Derrickson quit the project because they had different ideas about how to make it. A few months later, The Evil Dead director Sam Raimi was hired to take over, and Derrickson went upon to make The Black Phone in 2022.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness came out in 2022. The reviews were mixed, but the movie made more than $955 million at theaters around the world.

Will Scott Derrickson Come Back To The Mcu At Some Point?

Since Doctor Strange 2 is over, fans are starting to wonder if Scott Derrickson will ever come back to the super-powered franchise.

It is clear that the director continues to have a lot of respect for the top people at Marvel Studios. He has even praised Sam Raimi’s version of the film he was supposed to direct.

The director has been successful in the years since he left the MCU. With hits like The Black Phone, he has gone back to the scary movies he is known for. So, the director doesn’t feel sad about his time working in the MCU.

Doctor Strange Within The Multiverse Of Madness’s Global Grosses Passed $800 Million:

Derrickson really cared about making the first Doctor Strange movie. He said this in an interview alongside, saying, “He didn’t create Doctor Strange because it was an upcoming Marvel movie; he made it because he loved the Doctor Strange comics.”

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But while the world waits, Doctor Strange within the Multiverse of Madness has made over $800 million worldwide. This makes it the highest-grossing movie of the year, beating out The Batman. The Walt Disney Company put it out. “I didn’t create Doctor Strange just because it was a Marvel film or a comic book film.

He previously said, “I made it because it was based on the Doctor Strange comics, which I adored as well as felt very strongly about, and I thought I was the right director to adapt that.” “So I would certainly consider going back to comic book movies if I could work on something I thought was a good step forward for the genre.”