Sea of ​​Stars will be waiting: the RPG from the creators of The Messenger delays its launch


This classic-inspired turn-based RPG adventure was coming to PC and Switch this winter.

Sabotage Studio has announced this afternoon a delay in the release of its next video game, Sea of ​​Stars. With a premiere scheduled for this coming winter, the creators of The Messenger have also assured that they need a little more time to work on the video game without compromising the health of the staff, which is why the turn-based RPG is dated by 2023.

“Taking into account our top two priorities: The quality of life of our team and the quality of the game once finished, we are in a position to confirm that Sea of ​​Stars will be released in 2022″, declares Sabotage Studio. It does not go into more detail, but the message seems to make it clear that in order to have the development ready, it would be necessary to resort to unfriendly practices for the worker.

In his brief statement, the door is left open to have a playable portion this year, a demo that could lighten the wait for the thousands of followers of the studio after his good work demonstrated in The Messenger, “an exciting video game that goes beyond being a simple tribute to Ninja Gaiden”, Alberto Pastor valued in the analysis of The Messenger for 3DJuegos, highlighting his ability to to surprise.

Sea of ​​Stars was announced in 2020 looking to modernize the classic RPG through its turn-based combat, storytelling, exploration, and interaction with the environment, all narrating through the story of two Solstice Childrenwho combine the powers of the sun and the moon to use Eclipse Magic, the only force capable of ending against the monstrous creations of the evil alchemist known as The Fleshmancer.

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