Sean Diddy Combs Gives Bad Boy Artists Their Music Publishing Rights Back


Sean Diddy Combs Gives Bad Boy Artists Their Music Publishing Rights Back:

As AFROTECH already told you, Cam’ron posted on Instagram that his companion Ma$e was done signing papers and got his publishing back from Sean “Diddy” Combs.

The rapper from Harlem, New York, said in the year 2020 that Diddy saved his writing for more than 20 years and compensated him $20,000 for it. This led to the deal. Now, it looks like Ma$e wasn’t the only past signee to win.

The artists in question are the estate of the Notorious B.I.G., Faith Evans, Ma$e, the Lox, 112, as well as “many more” artists who haven’t been named. There were no details available right away, but it was said that the assets were worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

In Recent Years, The Value Of These Goods Has Gone Up By A Lot:

In recent years, the value of these assets has gone up a lot because artists or companies representing the music libraries of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Genesis, Luther Vandross, as well as many others have made nine-figure deals to sell or partly sell the rights to those collections.

The source says that Combs has been offered a lot of money for ownership rights to the Bad Boy Publications library, but he has decided to give them back to the songwriters instead.

The person also said that most of the receivers have been found, talked to, and signed the appropriate papers, but not all of them. Reports say that Sean “Diddy” Combs turned down a nine-figure offer for Bad Boy Records’ entire catalogue and is instead giving his former musicians their writing rights back.

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Who Signed The Contracts To Get Their Books Published:

The estate of The Notorious B.I.G., Faith Evans, The LOX, as well as 112 are among those who have signed contracts to get their music published. Also, artists who wrote songs for Bad Boy Records will receive their own share.

The deal was made before Bad Boy Records’ 30th anniversary and Diddy’s new record, “The Love Album: Off the Grid,” comes out on September 15.

Mase, a Bad Boy rapper who has won multiple silver awards and who has worked alongside Combs on numerous songs, has frequently called out his former manager about money he says he owes. Last year, Combs said during the Breakfast Club that Mase truly owed him $3 million. Mase fought back hard against this claim.

Mase Said That Combs Turned Down His $2 Million Offer To Sell Mase’s Music:

In 2020, Mase said that Combs had turned down his $2 million offer to sell Mase’s music. The news source says that Diddy’s decision to walk down the nine-figure deal to give the artists back their publishing rights was a revolutionary move to give artists more power and make his community better.

He hopes that other top music producers will do what he did. During the 1990s, it was common for labels as well as label owners to receive a cut of an artist’s publishing rights as part of a recorded-music deal. This is less common now that artists and songwriters know how much their publishing rights are worth.

“Combs sees it as a component of a bigger plan to help black artists as well as culture become more financially independent,” a person says. Billboard’s sources say that the shifting of publishing rights started when bands were first called in May 2021.

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Still, Other Artists Are Being Asked To Sign Their Contracts:

Also, they are still trying to get other acts to sign their deals. Billboard said that a Bad Boy rep wouldn’t say what the deals were about.

Diddy will keep the party going for Bad Boy’s anniversary. Variety says that he will get the Global Icon Award and appear at the MTV Video Music Awards. On Sept. 12, the awards show will be broadcast live.