Sebastian Stan confirms that fans try to “activate” the Winter Soldier in public


Imagine that you are Sebastian Stan, protagonist of Falcon and the Winter Soldier. You are being served your first coffee in the morning when all of a sudden a stranger starts blurting out the supposed keywords that make the character you play, Buckey Barnes, a brainwashed assassin, turn into a killing machine.

These situations happen “quite often“, confirmó Stan a BBC Radio 1.

It happens in coffee shops”, dice Stan. “It happens a lot. And it’s always a lot of fun. Sometimes you have to look people in the face and say, ‘No, I won’t become the Winter Soldier when you say that.’ You can keep saying it and maybe you should say it, maybe it’s a moment that we both need to live together, here and now. But no madness will happen‘”.

Fans first heard those words when Hydra used them to brainwash Buckey in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. They were later used by Helmut Zemo, a former colonel, to reactivate Buckey’s Winter Soldier persona in Captain America: Civil War.

We recommend that you watch those movies so you know what keywords to say in case you run into Stan at your favorite coffee shop. Good luck trying to say them in Russian though, because even Zemo had to practice.

Sebastian Stan stars in the series Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which is currently airing on Disney +. Chapter 3 premiered last week, where we got a glimpse of some very cool comebacks …

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