Sebastian Vettel took off his helmet and revealed a new image that caused an impact on social networks


The change of look of Sebastian Vettel that generated repercussions in networks

With the start of the 2021 season close to kicking off, Formula 1 drivers began to focus on what’s ahead for the first Grand Prix which will be played on the international circuit of Bahrain between March 26 and 28.

He saved the unknown that exists about what will happen to Lewis Hamilton, who has not yet signed a renewal with Mercedes, the teams are now complete and ready to start preparations.

This was demonstrated by the team of Aston Martin –Name that Racing Point will carry from this championship–, which added to its ranks one of the best drivers in recent years: Sebastian Vettel, four times champion of the Maximum.

The German, however, tested the seat of his new vehicle and surprised thousands of fans after the British team posted a video on their social media.

Sebastian Vettel's change in the last year
Sebastian Vettel’s change in the last year

With the intention of show that they have already started working for the new campaign and welcoming the former Ferrari racer, Aston Martin showed the moment in which the 33-year-old driver arrived at the facilities to make the new seat as it will accompany you throughout the 2021 season calendar.

In one part of the recording it was possible to see the moment in which They remove the HALO while he takes off his white helmet. It was there that she revealed a surprising new look.

Apparently, Sebastian Vettel suffers from alopecia on the front of his head, something natural and that many athletes or celebrities tend to hide by doing hair treatments and hair implants. Something that the former Red Bull preferred not to.

“Look what Ferrari did!”; “My God, Ferrari finished with Vettel”, were some of the comments of the fans when they saw the video in a comic tone, taking into account the tension that he experienced during his last stage with The Prancing Horse. While others compared him to his father, Norbert Vettel: “The first step of the transformation from Sebastian to Norbert is completed”, or “Nice detail of Vettel letting his father get into the car.”

One of his last images with Ferrari clothing (Photo: Reuters)
One of his last images with Ferrari clothing (Photo: Reuters)

Others chose to mention their most direct rival in recent years Lewis Hamilton, who started his career in Formula 1 with a practically shaved hair and today wears different extravagant hairstyles: “Lewis’s comeback to Seb has not only been in world titles.”

The truth is that your personal style matters little as long as you meet the objectives of the British team, in which He will compete directly with Lance Stroll, son of team owner Lawrence. With his arrival at Aston Martin, Vettel will renew his expectations at the Gran Circo when the cars start rolling from March 28.




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