Secret Class Chapter 204 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know


Secret Class Chapter 204 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know:

Chapter 204 of Secret Class will be out soon. Everyone loves reading bright manhwas, especially when the plot is as interesting and fun as the characters. Manhwas are colored in Chinese. Their main subject may be different, but all of their work is great.

Today, we will discuss a manhwa titled Secret Class. A lot of people love the stories and art in both the book and the Manhwa form of Secret Class. One of the most well-known and controversial Manhwa stories in the world is Secret Class. Dae Ho, a 13-year-old boy, loses his parents and is taken in by a friend of his dad’s.

There is a secret that Dae Ho soon finds out about his new family: they are all having sexual relations with each other. Then they ask Dae Ho to their secret class, where he finds out how love and lust can be both good and bad. Since 2016, Wang Kang Cheol has been writing the Manhwa series, and Minachan has been drawing it.

The series has gained a lot of fans. The show is famous for its sexy and explicit scenes as well as its dramatic and funny story turns. Some readers also think the series is insulting and morally wrong because it shows rape, cheating, and incest.

Secret Class Chapter 204 Release Date:

Secret Class Chapter 204 is going out on January 17, 2024, at 8:00 p.m. KST, it has been confirmed. Get ready, because the wait is almost over. The webcomic’s unique mix of action, drama, and fun is about to go off the rails. The group is returning, and secrets are starting to come out.

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Page 204 of the Secret Class Storyline: A spoiler is information that tells you some of what will happen or how the story will end before it comes out. There are people who like to read spoilers to see what will happen next, and there are people who like not reading them to enjoy the surprise as well as the tension.

Based on the stolen raw scans available online, this is a brief description of the events that will unfold in Secret Class Chapter 204. If you would like to read the details, click on the link. But keep in mind that the surprise might not be correct or full, and it could ruin the reading experience for you.

Secret Class Chapter 203 Recap:

It turns out that Dae Ho has been seeing his aunt instead of his girlfriend. In the next part, Dae Ho and his father fight about a strange plan. Father has taken action to kick Dae Ho out of the family as well as leave him because he hates him so much.

He tells his aunt to have an abortion. He tells her to abandon them alone and be responsible for the deaths of his family. He tells her she is fully responsible for the evil things she did to his child.

One person stands up for them, though Dae Ho’s aunt tells him she loves and is happy for him. She has been begging her dad to accept that she and her boyfriend are dating. She wants his permission to live with him.

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She additionally made it clear that she needed to hold the baby as well as raise it with Dae Ho. According to Dae Ho, he can make choices now that he is an adult. Besides that, he loves his aunt very much and is very sad that she and their child are not more with him.

His son begs his father to understand how he feels and to stop getting in the way of his life. At almost the conclusion of the section, there is a loose end. What they told him left Dae Ho’s father stunned and shocked.

Secret Class Chapter 204 Trailer Release:

Where To Read Secret Class Chapter 204:

As of right now, fans could go to Webtoon and read all of the parts of the book there. The narratives from the earlier chapters could be read on the platform, and Chapter 204 will additionally be available on the same platform.

Secret Class Chapter 204 English Raw Scan Release Date:

Chapter 204 of the webcomic series Secret Class will finally be out on January 14, 2024, which will make fans of the show very happy. The date for the release of the English raw scan was great news for fans who couldn’t wait for the next part of this exciting series.