See Rare Pictures Of Gwen Stefani As Well As Gavin Rossdale’s 15th Birthday Boy Zuma


See Rare Pictures Of Gwen Stefani As Well As Gavin Rossdale’s 15th Birthday Boy Zuma:

Zuma, the son of Gwen Stefani as well as Gavin Rossdale, is all grown up! The No Doubt singer sent a sweet birthday message to the 15-year-old that included pictures that no one had ever seen before. It said, “We love you beyond anything.”

Gwen Stefani is thinking about the 15 years that have passed. The 53-year-old “Just a Girl” singer celebrated the birthday of her second son, Zuma, by posting pictures of him over the years on Instagram on Monday.

The singer of “Hollaback Girl” celebrated on August 21 by posting a video montage set to Zach Bryan’s “Something within the Orange.”

It included pictures that had never been seen before, such as a cute one of the teen showing her husband Blake Shelton a drawing she was proud of.

Stefani Wrote “Happy 15th Birthday, Zuma!” In The Video’s Description We Love You More Than Everything”:

“Zuma, happy 15th birthday! Stefani wrote in the video’s description, which was set to Zach Bryan’s 2022 song “Something within the Orange,” “We love you above and beyond anything.”

The video showed sweet pictures of Zuma within his early years, from when he was a little boy with platinum hair and no teeth to when he was a teenager and taller than his rock star mother.

In one of the pictures in the video, Zuma shows off a cute animal drawing he made while standing with Stefani’s husband, Blake Shelton.

At the start of the video, the teen smiles in a picture with his mom. The video also has photos of him with his brothers Apollo, 9, as well as Kingston, 17, who are both younger than him. Gavin Rossdale, Stefani’s ex-husband, and she have three boys together.

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In May, Stefani As Well As Her Three Kids Went To See Blake Shelton Get A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame:

At Blake Shelton’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star event in May, the lead singer of No Doubt was there with her three kids to cheer him on.

The Boys ‘Round Here singer said at the wedding, “When I married Gwen, I stopped adding things to my list of great things I had done in my life, so this serves as the frosting on the cake.” “I love you so much, as well as that’s the best thing that’s come out of all of this.”

Shelton talked regarding transforming into a stepdad to Stefani’s three boys in December. “They taught me something I didn’t know about myself: I’m a lot more than a country singer as well as a funny guy.”

Shelton Said That This Kind Of Self Worth Is Different:

Shelton said, “They actually lean on me, which is a responsibility I’ve never had and something I’ve never even thought about doing.”

“This kind of self-worth is different. “Maybe it’s the opposite of self-worth due to the put yourself way down upon the ladder and they move up ahead of you,” the singer said.

Gavin continued by saying that he and the No Doubt rocker are “really different people.” “I don’t think there’s much similarity in the way we raise them,” he said, “but I think that provides them an incredible perspective to then choose which parts of those two lives they’d like to inherit as well as move on alongside and which part of themselves comes out of the whole process.”

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Blake Shelton Said, “The Important Thing Is To Show Them The Big Picture”:

The lead singer of Bush is also the father of Daisy Lowe, 34, as well as Pearl Lowe. He said he is sure that this way of raising their children will be good for them in the long run.

“It’s important to give them an extensive understanding of things,” he said. “We have some very different ideas, so I think it would be best for them to come to their own conclusions.”

“I loved my stepfather, and I also looked up to him,” the country music star said in February 2021 on The Ride With Kimo & Heather.

“And to me, he’s like a father. So, you know, I’ve got a lot of good ideas about how to do this as well as what kind of stepfather I want to be.”