SEGA announces a virtual Sonic concert with one of the best-known DJs in electronic music


Steve Aoki has remixed classic songs and incorporated his own for an event on November 30th.

It seems like a lie, but SEGA is current. Not for new games, but for a strategic alliance with Microsoft with which the company plans an ambitious future. Of course, we know little about his star figure, Sonic, who had his latest release in Sonic Colors Ultimate, but the truth is that the hedgehog is starring in other curious moments at the end of the year.

One of them is the virtual concert recently announced by SEGA, with a collaboration with Steve Aoki. The world-renowned DJ and electronic music producer will celebrate the 30th anniversary with a unique event to enjoy the songs that have accompanied the mascot over all these years.

Steve AokiSteve Aoki

The concert is held next November 30 at 9:00 p.m. digitally, through Sonic’s official YouTube and Twitch channels. With an estimated duration of one hour, it will include both original songs by Steve Aoki and remixed versions by the artist himself on themes ranging from the SEGA Mega Drive era to the present day. In addition, the audience will be transported to iconic settings such as Green Hill, the Chemical Plant and many more.

For announcements of upcoming Sonic games we will have to wait a little longer. Not long ago we knew that SEGA has registered Sonic Frontiers, which may be indicative of a new title, but in the meantime we can settle for the collaborations in which it will appear. The last? His arrival in Monster Hunter Rise on the occasion of the character’s 30th anniversary.

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