Selena Gomez Says What She Wants In A Boyfriend


Selena Gomez Says What She Wants In A Boyfriend:

What would ultimately it take for Selena Gomez to stop being single? Gomez told SiriusXM Hits 1 LA this week who it was during an interview with the station.

The singer of “Single Soon” wrote down what she wants in a partner. In the interview, she was first asked about the line in “Single Soon” that says she’s “a little high maintenance.”

“I think that I have standards,” she said to explain herself. “As well as I think I am living in a world right now where boys confuse standards alongside being high maintenance.” It’s not the same thing at all.

But the line was funny because I’m not embarrassed to say, “I actually need you to do x, y, and z in order for us to be together.” So within a way, it was simply the way the song was meant to be. And I really do feel that way.”

Just After Her Last Split, Selena Gomez Told The World What She Wants In A Boyfriend:

“Not cool within the sense that others think you’re cool,” she explained. “You just have to be nice as well as like, make me giggle and be nice to my family as well as other people.”Tony Fly, Gomez’s co-host, said, “That’s a good X, Y, as well as Z.” Gomez replied, “Yeah, I think so. “Let’s see.”

Man, you have to be cool. Not cool in the way that other people think you are. Just be nice to me and try to make me laugh. Also, be polite to my family as well as the people around you.”

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Tony Fly, a radio host, said that this is Selena’s way of telling her fans that they no longer have to fret about her. Selena agreed and said, “Yeah, that’s a really sweet method of putting it.”

What Kind Of Traits Does Selena Gomez Would Like Her Boyfriend To Have?

In December 2020, a person told Entertainment Tonight about some of the other things Gomez wants in a partner. “In a potential boyfriend, the things that stand out to her are being confident, helpful, smart, funny, trustworthy, as well as dependable,” the person said.

“I think everyone goes through a phase where they think, ‘Oh, it would be great to have someone,'” Gomez said. “But, you understand, I’m just happy with where I am, and that I just want to continue to be happy alongside who I am so that when that person steps into my life, they can just add to me instead of making me feel insecure like I usually did.”

Before Justin Bieber married Hailey Baldwin within 2018, Gomez dated him on and off for years. Over the years, the singer of “Love You Like a Love Song” has been tied to Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Zedd, Drew Taggart, as well as The Weeknd.

Gomez Also Got Bad Comments After She Shared The Following On Instagram:

“I honestly don’t feel such as I have it in me to say something bad. She said, “It just doesn’t fit alongside where I am now.” “As well as I live in the music world of a sad girl. That’s great. I write songs like that constantly, but I didn’t want this record to be like that.”

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She also said that after experiencing a really hard time, she has surrounding herself alongside “good people” as well as tries to go to therapy. A lot of sensitive things were happening within my head and throughout my life. I am just feeling like a lot of work went into it.”

Selena Additionally Stated That She Wanted To Be Free Of All The Bad Things That Were Said About Her:

Gomez also got criticism after she wrote on Instagram that she “missed” completing “Only Murders in the Building.” Support of the SAG-AFTRA actors’ strike said she was breaking union rules through not promoting projects.

“I’m so glad that others listened to my story and, hopefully, grasped that I was merely attempting to show everybody that I wasn’t in an awful situation. I just wanted to be free of all of that bad stuff.”