Selena Gomez’s Response To The Idea That “Single Soon” Revolves Around The Weeknd Is As Follows


Selena Gomez’s Response To The Idea That “Single Soon” Revolves Around The Weeknd Is As Follows:

Selena Gomez’s new song, “Single Soon,” is probably already familiar to you. You might not have. Who am I to judge what’s cool? Have a good weekend. Put your phone in the water. Spend a deep and easy moment alongside the Earth as well as all of its beauty.

The song was written “a while back,” but Selena just put it out on Friday as she finishes up her third record. People started to guess about who the song might be about, and some pointed to The Weeknd, who Selena dated within 2017.

If the song was really inspired through a specific person, fans aren’t likely to be able to figure out who that person is. Gomez hinted within November that her forthcoming music would be about the secret relationships she’s been in since she was single again in spring 2018.

Gomez Said That She Was The One Who Made This Whole Private Life For Herself:

Gomez said, “I made this whole private life for myself, and now I feel like I have to tell these tales, and others are going to have a lot of questions.”

After they broke apart in November of 2017, Gomez said nice things about The Weeknd as well as their relationship to Billboard.

“What’s best about being single? Gomez told me. “Actually, though, you know what? I’m really proud of the fact that there are so many real friends.

I’ve never really been through anything like that before. We ended up being best friends, and it was truly about showing support and concern for each other, which I thought was pretty amazing.

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Gomez Ended The Relationship In Exactly The Same Way That Berger Did:

At the start of Gomez’s movie, she uses the exact same words as Berger to describe the same way to end a romance. “Should I make the call? Should I slip a note into his coat’s pocket?”

Before deciding on the small yellow death sentence, Gomez sings. She then goes out with her friends for a night upon the town, enjoying her love freedom.

Berger’s sloppy way of breaking up with his girlfriend caused a lot of trouble for the Sex and the City characters, who attacked and studied the move over and over again in an episode called “The Post-it Always Sticks Twice.”

Gomez Had Already Given Hints About The Song Upon Social Media By Posting Clips From Sex And The City:

Gomez had already used music from Sex and the City to tease the song upon social media. In a post to Instagram, she pretends to answer the phone and lip-syncs “Hello?” from Samantha. “It’s over,” says the mystery caller. I let my wife know. Gomez or Samantha answers in a cheeky way, “Who is this?”

The meeting was a good way for both Gomez and Cattrall to promote themselves. The singer gets to give a sneak peek of her new song, and the actor got to talk about her most famous part before her much-anticipated turn in the season 2 end of “And Just Like That.”

Gomez is also in the third installment of Only Murders within the Building, which is currently airing. In the new season, Gomez’s Fundamentals of Caring co-star Paul Rudd and Hollywood great Meryl Streep also appear.

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Steve Martin and Martin Short have been in the show since the beginning. And Just Like That, on the other hand, was just picked up for the third installment.