Self-criticism for the image that River Plate left at the end and his physical condition at 37 years of age: Enzo Pérez’s analysis after the victory against Banfield


River Plate fulfilled its objective of winning the tiebreaker duel against Banfield for him Champions Trophy 2020, but the image that he left in the end will require a deep analysis time. At least that’s how he saw it Enzo Perezwho in the press conference after the game played at the Mario Alberto Kempes from Cordoba was very self critical despite the 3-2 win.

“We didn’t like the image we ended up with. I think that beyond the two goals we had ahead of, we never became the owners of the game. These are things that we have to continue to improve. Banfield had to react because they were two goals down and it was their credit. We are happy with the result, but dissatisfied with the performance”, stated the central midfielder.

The man from Mendoza, who just this Wednesday turned 37 years oldacknowledged that the main shortcoming they had in this game was defensive kick. “We have worked on it throughout the preseason and since the start of the championship. Against Tigre we didn’t suffer at all, except for a head butt because González Pírez had just come out. But today we suffered it in the second halfwhere we are very long and wide. It was difficult for us to settle. During the week we are going to have to fix it”.

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Finally, one of the emblems of the millionaire team he referred to his age and physical state. He denied having problems “holding” a game as a stopper midfielder and said he plans to “make it difficult” for coach Martín Demichelis when it comes to choosing the starters.

“I’ve always said it and I am asked a lot. Before, Javi (Pinola), Leo (Ponzio) was asked… When you pass an age line they look at you that you can’t play or that it will cost you a little more, it is something normal. I know that I am 37 years old and age playsI’m not a kid anymore, but I think that I feel good physically and mentally. I try to accompany and help”.

And he concluded emphatically: “As I told Martín (Demichelis) the first day we spoke. I touch or not play, If it’s not my turn, I’m going to make it difficult for them because I have the predisposition to always try to play. And if I do, I’ll give it my all. Playing with a companion is seen by the coaching staff, they will know what the moments are.

River Plate beat Banfield 3-1 and will play the 2020 Champions Trophy against Boca Juniors. The date and venue have yet to be confirmed.

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