Serena Chapter 70 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know


Serena Chapter 70 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know:

Serena will once again become engrossed in the Manhwa series. Soon, Chapter 70 will be available for everyone to read. Serena fans will love the next part of the story. It has even more of the show’s complicated story.

Serena is a popular webcomic about a historical story. It has a plot that keeps readers interested, beautiful art, and complicated characters. Serena is a young, beautiful princess who gets a lot of wealth as well as a hotel business from her late mother.

The webcomic tells her story. But her life is hard and full of secrets. She has to deal with family fights, political plans, and a confusing love triangle with her brothers Eiser and Victor. With her first webtoon, The Flower of Francia, which came out in 2019, Korean artist Ina writes and draws the comic.

Serena is her second book, and it has been published in parts on Webtoon since August 2020. The Webtoon has a 4.8 rating out of 5 stars, which means that both reviewers and fans really like it.

This page has all the details you need regarding Serena Chapter 70, such as when it will be out, a teaser, a raw scan, a summary of the last chapter, reviews, and where you can read it.

Serena Chapter 70 Release Date:

Naver Webtoon’s official plan says that Serena Chapter 70 will come out on January 19, 2024, at 12:00 AM KST. This means that you might be available to start reading the chapter on January 11 or 12, 2024, depending on what time zone you’re in.

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Chapter 70 of Serena Storyline: A spoiler is a piece of data that gives away important or surprising parts of the story, like how a conflict ends, who a character is, or a plot trick. Some readers prefer to read spoilers before a new part comes out, while others would rather not read them and just enjoy the story as it goes.

The preview for Serena Chapter 70 is below for those of you who are in the first group. If you are one of the second group, you can skip this part and go to the next one. You can guess what will happen in Serena Chapter 70 by looking at the raw scan, which is the original Korean webtoon that came out a few days before the official English translation.

Some sites often post the raw scan online, but it’s not always correct or trustworthy. Because of this, don’t believe the leak right away wait for the public broadcast to be sure.

This is what you need to know about Serena Chapter 70. The heated argument between Serena and Eiser continues in Serena Chapter 70. They have finally met in person after being apart for four years.

Eiser says that Serena has betrayed both of their love, and Serena seeks to explain what she means and how she feels. Eiser claims to be aware of Frederick, Serena’s boyfriend, and asserts that he has been closely monitoring her at all times.

He additionally informs her that he isn’t going to let her go easily and that he has a plan to hurt her and her family. Eiser’s words hurt and shock Serena, but they also give her hope that he nevertheless cares about her.

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He tells her that she is not going to give up on him and that she will fight for her love as well as her freedom. Plus, she tells him a secret she’s been keeping from him, which changes everything.

Where To Read Serena Chapter 70:

Webtoon is the original site where you can read Serena Chapter 70. The webtoon can be read on the Webtoon website as well as in the app, which works with English, Indonesian, and Thai. You can also buy coins or subscribe to the webtoon to help the author.

You can only read Serena Chapter 70 in Korean on Naver Webtoon, which is the official site. Naver Webtoon has a website or app where you can view the webtoon. It also has other features like community, comments, and fan art.

Serena Chapter 70 Trailer Release:

Serena Chapter 69 Recap:

In Chapter 69, there will be a scene that takes us back to Serena’s childhood. Chapter 69 will reveal Serena’s connection to both Victor and Eiser, shedding light on their intertwined past. We’ll also find out how they became enemies.

We’ll also find out about the meeting between Serena and Eiser. We’ll find out how they fell in love so quickly. We’ll learn about the letters they sent each other over the course of a year.

In addition, we will see how Victor fell in love with Serena. Victor has been Serena’s friend since they were kids. Siegfried is Eiser’s best friend. Additionally, the text will demonstrate how Siegfried actively sought to protect Eiser from his father’s tricks.

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After Serena’s mother died, her grandmother set up the marriage between her and Victor’s father. He was the most feared man in the land. And everything changed.

Victor’s agreement to the marriage made Serena sad, and she thought he had lied to her. Victor lived with his half-brother, Eiser. His father was Victor’s father, and a maid had an affair with him. Here’s what she learned.

Serena decided to marry Victor’s father. She hoped, “I hope he runs her hotel company and lets her keep seeing Eiser.” Victor’s father was mean and angry. His only goal was to use her to further his own plans.

She soon found out she had committed a very big mistake. He joined a group of rebels. They were regarding getting rid of the evil king and Victor’s dad.

Serena also learned new things. Her love for Eiser as well as her devotion to her husband were at odds with each other. Serena is going to have to make a difficult choice because of something that could kill her. This leaves Serena’s Chapter 69 on a cliffhanger.