Serious Sam Siberian Mayhem prepares us for its frenetic action in an extensive gameplay video


The standalone expansion for Serious Sam 4 takes us deep into the heart of Russia in search of General Brand.

Sam Stone He’s back with old school action and his massive battles in the fourth installment of the Serious Sam series. Explosions, shootings and a lot of humor have been a hallmark of this classic shooter that is now back with an independent expansion for Serious Sam 4, where we will travel to siberia after the treacherous General Brand.

We will travel to Tunguska through five new levelsWith just a few days to go before the release of Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem, Devolver Digital has published an extensive gameplay video of this expansion, where all its action and the appearance of this new location are shown, which clashes with the one seen in the main game. Sam will make his way through this icy landscape, but don’t count on that requiring him to don a jacket.

In the video we can see Sam collecting objects and following clues through extensive military installations along the steppe. Between the blizzard and the snow we will face all kinds of enemies in five new levels that will take us through arctic coasts, forests and ghost towns in a Siberia that promises to be big enough so that we can fight and explore all we want.

Siberian Mayhem is coming to PC on January 25Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem Coming to PC on January 25 and is clear about what we ask of the game, “Do you want to rain death from the sky or melt down with 50 tons of world-class firepower? New gadgets and vehicles are ready and willing to fulfill your most destructive dreams”, reads the description on Steam. The expansion will feature a new series of enemies and bosses who will join the horde, where we’ll find ourselves up against “some of the most advanced and intimidating creatures” we’ve ever seen.

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