Sero Survey: One-third of Delhi’s population has won the battle with Corona! Antibodies found in this percentage

new Delhi: Corona virus is wreaking havoc in India and conditions are getting worse day by day. In the meantime, another big disclosure has been made in the serological survey which has given some relief to the corona bad situation. According to the survey, about 33 percent of the people who have suffered corona in Delhi have been found to develop antibodies in their body. According to the survey, antibodies have been found in the body of one in three people in Delhi at this time. Also Read – Big news of Corona Vaccine arrived, Health Minister told- When will vaccine come in India …

Explain that this has been revealed in the third serological survey conducted by the state health department. Let us tell you that 17,000 samples were collected from a total of 11 districts for serological survey. The result of this test will be officially announced by next week. With the development of antibodies, people will now develop the ability to fight against corona. Also Read – Parliament session: BJP’s fight against Bhabhi ji, BJP gave a befitting reply on Sanjay Raut

The second one took place in Delhi from August 1 to August 7. And a total of 15 thousand people participated in the test. The third survey was conducted between 1 and 5 September. The survey was conducted among a total of four age groups. Also Read – Corona Virus: 97,894 patients received in a single day for the first time in the country.

If we want to understand it in common language, then it means that 66 million people in 20 million people were infected with corona and now adiabody is developing rapidly in them.

There have been three surveys in the capital Delhi so far and this survey was done in all 11 districts. It was clearly revealed in the survey that the maximum outbreak of the virus has spread in the South East district. Here 32.2 percent of the participants were found with antibodies. This district has made the biggest jump since last time. In the last survey here, 22.2 percent people were found with antibodies.

Let us tell you that sero surveys are conducted to know the effect of infectious diseases and their rate of spread across the world and the effects that occur after it is cured. This type of survey is also called antibody survey. According to the information, when a person suffers from this and then recovers, then antibodies are made in his body which gives immunity in the body to fight against the virus.

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