Several studios support Rockstar and the leak of GTA 6 showing their games in the early stages of development


This weekend was marked by the massive leak suffered by Rockstar Games, which showed dozens of videos and images of its next game, Grand Theft Auto 6. They did not take long to appear some opinions from fans pointing to the poor visual quality of the titleas well as its animations and other elements, despite the fact that it is material from its early stages of development.

After confirming that the leak was true, Rockstar Games has seen how several major industry studios have endorsed his work in the best possible way: by posting some videos and images of some of their most acclaimed games in their early stages of development. In this way, they hope to exemplify that all games, during their development, look this “bad” until the visual work is refined (which usually happens in the later stages).

Among the most prominent we find Remedy, which has shown images from an early stage of Control’s development. It has been Paul Ehreth, chief designer of the studio, who has taught it through his personal Twitter, stating that one of the most outstanding elements of the final game was, precisely, his visual section.

We also find Naughty Dog, although in this case through one of its fan accounts and not at an official level, showing the early state of The Last of Us development, the studio’s most acclaimed game. Although the study has not made an official statement, Neil Druckmann himself, the company’s head, has already had several words of support for Rockstar Games on their social networks.

Sam Barlowone of the most prominent figures in the independent scene of the video game industry (Her Story, Immortality, Telling Lies…) also published a tweet in which he commented “‘Graphics is the first thing to go in a video game’ FYI, this is what IMMORTALITY looked like for the first two years, where we focused on balancing AI and combat gameplay, compared to the how it was released.”

Massive Monsters, the developer studio in charge of Cult of the Lambone of the most prominent independent games so far in 2022, has also posted a similar message on their social networks, starting their comment with the same sentence as Barlow and showing the state of their acclaimed game during its early stages of development.

It’s a very nice gesture by various studios in the video game industry that have no direct relationship, and surely they will not be the last ones we see. Rockstar Games confirmed in their post-leak statement that they will continue to work on Grand Theft Auto VI and that it will be shown only when they are ready and not before.

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