Sex racket was running in films like secret room, gate opened as soon as the mirror was removed


Chennai: The Coimbatore police in Tamil Nadu were shocked when it raided Saranya Lodge near Mettupalayam, as it had a secret room similar to the movies and was running a sex racket. The police raided the lodge on Wednesday night after receiving secret information. In the movies, just as the door of the secret room is hidden behind the picture, similarly a small room was found behind a mirror in which the sect racket was being run. The police also rescued a woman from here. Also Read – Sex racket busted under cover of highway center, 7 arrests including 4 girls

A police officer from Mettupalayam told IANS, “We searched all the rooms and all of them were found empty. But in a room, two mirrors were seen in the opposite direction. The owner / operator of the lodge converted a part of the bathroom into a secret room. With the help of a small stool, anyone can move in and out of a small room. ” Also Read – Strange: Awesome sex racket in Corona, sleepless administration from night parties …

Police arrested two men for running a sex racket in a lodge and rescued a 22-year-old Bangalore-based woman found in a secret room. Police said that K.K. Mahendran had leased the lodge and R.C. Ganesan was appointed as an employee. Also Read – Sex racket revealed, 7 men arrested with 8 girls from flat in Sahibabad, Ghaziabad

Police said that it could not be ascertained yet whether the room was built by Mahendran or by the previous operators.


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