Sexify Season 3: Is it Renewed or Cancelled?


Sexify fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming season of the show after the second and most recent season’s premiere. Let us assure you that while you are all speculating and hoping that Sexify will have a third season, we are also thinking about it, except that we’re here to give you the few details we currently know about it.

Before we go any further, Sexify is a Polish streaming television series that features sex comedies. Piotr Domalewski and Kalia Alabrudziska are the directors. The programme centres on the efforts of computer science student Natalia and her classmates Paulina and Monika as they try to create an algorithm for the female orgasm.

The show’s first season, which debuted on Netflix on April 29, 2021, initially included eight episodes. The show’s second season is slated to premiere on January 11, 2023. Sexify also explores the subject of sexuality in an educational context, earning comparisons to the British Netflix series Sex Education.

 Is Sexify renewed for Season 3?

The third season of Sexify has not yet been formally announced by the network as of January 2023. We are aware that the second season’s brand-new episodes just started streaming on Netflix, so it is unreasonable to request any news or updates regarding a potential third-season renewal at this time. It is obviously too soon for any broadcast network to make such important announcements in such a short amount of time. Fans should wait till Netflix formally confirms and acknowledges this information in the interim.

Be aware that it may take some time for the network to evaluate the show’s popularity and performance before deciding to renew it for additional seasons. Check at some of the tweets from followers below, which demonstrate that they have been eagerly awaiting the second season and have already started binge-watching all the episodes. If the programme is well-liked by the public, it will likely be renewed and explore further character arcs and plotlines.

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The cast of Sexify Season 3

Here is a look at who might be in the third season’s cast:

  • Aleksandra Skraba as Natalia Dumała
  • Maria Sobocińska as Paulina Malinowska
  • Sandra Drzymalska as Monika Nowicka
  • Małgorzata Foremniak as Joanna Nowicka
  • Cezary Pazura as Marek Nowicki
  • Zbigniew Zamachowski as dean Krzysztof Maślak
  • Bartosz Gelner as Konrad
  • Piotr Pacek as Mariusz
  • Jan Wieteska as Adam
  • Sebastian Stankiewicz as “Jabba”
  • Kamil Wodka as Rafał Paluch “Kripol”
  • Edyta Torhan as Natalia’s mother
  • Magdalena Grąziowska as Lilith
  • Wojciech Solarz as Krynicki

Sexify Season 2 Ending Explained

When Natalia gets home, Adam and she discuss starting over. They make the peaceful decision to watch television together. The scene is characterised by a sense of community. Their interactions become more intimate. They are hooking up in a passionate moment while both paying close attention to each other’s physiques. They both dozed out next to each other.

Then Natalia gets up from the bed and goes back to her computer. She asks her partner for coffee. She’s ready to expand once more. Is Sexify still around? On the contrary hand, Natalia adores the graft. Netflix’s Season 3 might provide an explanation.

The plot of Sexify season 3

The show’s second season came to a close with sex, its speciality! At the conclusion of the eighth chapter, Natalia and Adam share a sexual encounter before Natalia heads back to her computer to start working on a new project.

Will this app be another Sexify? Something that will once more revolutionise female gratification in Polish culture? Or will Natalia produce something quite different? All of these queries would probably be addressed in the third season, which would once more centre on the collaboration between Natalia, Monika, and Paulina.

Notably, most of the major plotlines are wrapped up before the conclusion of the second season, which raises the possibility that there won’t be a third. Maybe we just weren’t aware of it at the time, but this already marked the grand climax.

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Whatever happens, more Polish productions are likely to appear on Netflix in the future. The Hollywood Reporter noted that the popularity of tales like Sexify and the 365 Days films will guarantee that this market is a focus for Netflix going ahead.

The release date for Sexify Season 2

It may take weeks or months before Netflix officially confirms whether Sexify has been renewed for season 3 or has been cancelled. If Sexify was renewed by Netflix for a third season, it might air before the end of 2023 or in the first half of 2024.

The time between Sexify’s first season and its second season was only 10 months; if the same situation happened with season 3, we might witness season 3 in the same year.
Episodes of Sexify Season 3 & Streaming Options

Although Sexify Season 3’s precise episode count hasn’t been revealed, we can anticipate at least 8 episodes with a length of 37 to 51 minutes, just like the previous seasons, assuming the show is given the go-ahead. We want to emphasise that, if this is the season finale, the number of episodes may change depending on the message the show wants to send to the viewers.

It is only available on Netflix, and other shows in the same genre are also available there with a variety of membership levels. The monthly cost for the basic membership is $9.99, while the monthly cost for the standard membership is $15.49. With any of their services, you are free to play mobile games and watch movies and TV shows.

Sexify Review

Three college students are striving to transform the world with their cutting-edge sex software in the Polish thriller Sexify. At the conclusion of season 1, the three women—Natalia, Paulina, and Monika—quit their jobs as college students to devote all of their time to developing their apps.

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The second season of the humorous drama Sexify follows these females and demonstrates the difficulties they encounter in their new quest to be treated seriously as business owners. While focusing on the app, they manage to resolve some of their interpersonal problems even though each of them has their own personal demons to face.

In season 2, the females leave school and enter the business world, which is a harsher jungle than college. They strike a pact with Malgorzata, who is actually a vulture out to devour them.

This season has seen the girls mature more and really expand their wings. They make an effort to support one another since they are aware of their shared existence. This fosters their mutual trust, and their relationship benefits greatly from it.

In this season, they also become more aware of their position within the organisation. They separate and take control. Everyone pitched in and did their part to help the business succeed. To gain assistance, they also find unexpected allies and get in touch with old friends. It’s awesome to see that they can establish a community for themselves.

Sexify is fundamentally a programme about feminism and women realising their power. They collaborate with Kripol to introduce Sexiguy this season. With the use of Sexiguy, males can better fulfil both themselves and their female partners. If we want it or not, men and women in our world must work together to survive. This is a wonderful addition that helps to change things up.

Sexify lifts the veil on sex, a subject that is forbidden to discuss. If it is picked up for a third season, hopefully, the makers will go further with this one.