Shakira Is Being Sued For Tax Theft In Spain For The Second Time


Shakira Is Being Sued For Tax Theft In Spain For The Second Time:

TOPLINE Spanish tax officials are looking into Shakira again over claims that she cheated on her wealth and income taxes within 2018.

The charges come in the same year that she is due to stand trial in another case for not paying 14.5 million euros ($14.31 million) within taxes between the years 2012 and 2014. If found guilty, the 46-year-old could go to jail.

The pop star was already going to be tried through the Spanish government for claimed tax evasion between the years 2012 and 2014 that cost 14.5 million euros. Now, two possible cases of tax fraud from 2018 are being looked into by the Associated Press.

Source says that a Spanish court started an investigation in opposition to Colombian star on Thursday. The investigation is tied to suspected fraud regarding private income tax as well as wealth tax within 2018.

The court, which is within the town of Esplugues de Llobregat nearby Barcelona, told the Associated Press that it didn’t know how much money was at stake.

A Reliable Source Claims That Shakira Consistently Adhered To The Law:

A person who knows about the situation told that Shakira is defending herself by saying that she has always followed the law and taken the help of the best tax experts.

The source also said that the Colombian musician is now concentrating on her career as an artist within Miami and is sure that her tax problems will be solved in a good way.

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There In No Public Information Available Regarding This Case:

The AP says that no new information about this new investigation has been made public, and that the singer of “Hips Don’t Lie” has not yet been given a trial date for her original tax theft charges.

This case depends on whether she spend most of her time within Spain, where she resided with her now-ex-husband Gerard Piqué, or at her home in the Bahamas.

This Is What Shakira’s Lawyers Said:

“As has been said many times, Shakira stands by the fact that she has always followed the law and listened to the finest tax experts,” her public relations team said on Thursday.

“The singer’s legal team won’t say anything until they hear about it through the public and legal routes.

“It is public knowledge and the Spanish Treasury was officially told that Shakira now lives in Miami, so she must be personally informed at her new home, as required by the law.

Right Now She Is Focusing On Her Artistic Career Within Miami:

“She is now focused upon her artistic career in Miami as well as is calm and sure that her tax problems will be solved in a good way.”

Shakira has always said that the original case in opposition to her was false, which is why she decided to fight the allegations instead of settling.

Shakira Decided To Fight Instead Of Settling In Opposite To False Allegations:

“Because I have to fight for what I believe, and because these are all false accusations,” the 46-year-old told Elle within October. “First of all, I spent nothing like 183 days a year at that time.

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I had work responsibilities all over the world, so I was very busy. Second, I’ve already paid all of what they said I owed, even before they sued me. So as of right now, I owe them nothing.”

She also said that she had always done what tax experts told her to do. She said that Spain was using the media in opposition to her.

Shakira Is Taking Advice From Largest Tax Firm Within The Word:

Shakira added, “One of the four largest tax firms within the world gave me advice.” “So I knew from the beginning that I was carrying out things right and honestly.

But since they usually don’t have proof to back up these false claims, they’ve turned to a dishonest press campaign to attempt to persuade people and use the media and the threat of damage to their image to get people to sign settlement agreements.

Shakira Won Grammy Three Time:

The three-time Grammy winner has had big hits around the world with songs like “Whenever, Wherever” as well as “Waka Waka This Time for Africa,” which was the official World Cup song in 2010.

The first case of theft against Shakira depends upon where she lived from 2012 to 2014. The singer says she spend the majority of her time at her main home, which is in the Bahamas. However, authorities will try to show that she spend the majority of her time within Spain.

Shakira’s lawyers said in papers that El Periodico and El Pais got a hold of that she spent the majority of her time abroad as well as didn’t try to hide her income on purpose. They called any confusion “a distinction in criteria.”

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El Pais Said That The 2nd Investigation Involves Treasury Irregularities:

El Pais says that the second investigation has nothing to do with where the star was living. Instead, it has to do with “some alleged irregularity found through the Treasury that, in the view of the Prosecutor’s Office, may be a crime.”

The couple raised their children within the beach city within Spain’s Catalonia region. In June 2022, they said in a joint statement that they were breaking up.

Shakira Leaves Barcelona After 8 Years To Start The New Chapter Of Her Life:

Shakira, who had lived in Barcelona for eight years, shared a goodbye letter on Instagram saying that she was going so she could begin “a fresh chapter.”

“I moved to Barcelona to provide my boys security. We are currently searching for the same stability in a different part of the world, away from family, friends, as well as the sea. We started a new part of our search for happiness today.”