Shang-Chi’s costume revealed thanks to a LEGO Marvel set


Although we all think almost all the time about Scarlet Witch and Vision (and with good reason, that today is Friday) because it is current, there are still many projects in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that have not released a pledge on many aspects. And it is the case of Shan-Chi, which we have talked about on occasions, but we have not yet seen what costume the Asian hero will wear.

It seems that it is going to be red and black, and now we have this data in a much closer and approximate way thanks to a Lego set in which we can see the hero. And yes, it’s official from Marvel, so hopefully it will be more or less like this. Take a look:

There you can see it, even if it’s just a photo to a box.

Actor Simu Liu said in an interview with Toronto Life what it has meant for him to know how he will be dressed. You have been struck by how long it took to put it on. You can take a look at the cast of the film.

Source: Comicbook

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