Shazam comes to Chrome in the form of an extension: so you can find out what song is playing through the browser


Shazam has been in the app store on our mobile devices for years. Although after its launch it seemed to us that what it did was magic, the app has not stopped losing its usefulness. Now we can also access it from an extension designed exclusively for the Google Chrome browser.

The launch has been somewhat staggered, especially after its inexplicable withdrawal from the extension store yesterday, according to The Verge. However, Shazam is now available again as an extension in Chrome. We have tried it, and it simply does what we expected.

Shazam has launched the web version of its app for macOS and Chrome OS: so you can access it from Windows or Linux

Shazam does what we expect of her in Chrome too

Shazam Chrome 1

Installation is practically instantaneous, like almost any browser extension. In its reduced interface, we can find the big button for ‘Shazamear’, and a list of the most recently discovered songs. In addition, if we click on any of them, it will take us to the song page in Shazam, where in addition to information and related artists, we can also see the lyrics of it.

In the extension we can also connect with our Apple Music account, something to be expected, since the company was bought by Apple in 2017 and its technology was integrated into the apple devices. In fact, nowadays you don’t have to download Shazam to discover a song, since Siri will do it for us.


The procedure for its use is quite simple. You will only need to be playing something in the browser and press the ‘Shazamear’ button so that the extension recognizes what we are listening to. It works on multiple websites, be it YouTube, Twitch, Spotify Web, Soundcloud, etc. Obviously the app is somewhat useless if we are playing a music video of a specific song on YouTube, since there we have the title of the song itself. However, if we are watching a video, program, movie, or series with a song that catches our attention, it will be in these cases when his work shines.

In addition to finding Shazam as an application on mobile devices, extension, and even integrated into Snapchat, it also has a web version which we can access directly from its official page if we are macOS and ChromeOS users, although there is also a trick for Windows and Linux.


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