Shenae Grimes Is Giving Everyone Who Says She Aged Horribly What They Deserve


Shenae Grimes Is Giving Everyone Who Says She Aged Horribly What They Deserve:

Shenae Grimes-Beech is not concerned with what you think regarding the way she looks. In a recent video posted to her Instagram, the actress called out the internet trolls who claim she is gotten old and ugly. Let me tell you a little secret.

She pointed to the lines around her eyes and on her temples and said, “If you observe a woman over 30, she appears a little bit such as this.” Most likely, she has had something put into her face.

The 33-year-old said that she doesn’t judge people who get plastic surgery or shots. She also said that she is interested in doing it herself, yet she wishes individuals were more honest about it so that people didn’t have high expectations.

This Week, Shenae Posted A Video On Instagram:

Shenae posted a video on Instagram this week in which she said, “Internet people, I’m going to tell you a little secret. If you come across a woman over 30 who doesn’t have lines like this, she’s probably had something put in her face.”

Shenae said, “I’m not making anyone feel bad about doing it. Actually, I’m very interested in trying it out for myself.

I’m not trying to name names, but I think we’re used to hearing people who’ve had fillers as well as Botox discuss skincare tips and makeup tricks that make them look young, beautiful, and fake.

Shenae Told Me That My Face Moves, As Well As The Lines On My Face Show That She Was Right:

We’ve come to think that’s how you can look without having anything injected into your face. She said in her film, “My face moves, as well as the lines on my face show it. What it is, is.

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You’re comparing it to people who have had drugs put into their facial muscles so they don’t get the lines that come with age and genetics.

Grimes-Beech also said she wanted to push for more openness about the procedures individuals have had. She said that beauty and health tips from people online may at times be false.

“We’re so used to hearing people who received fillers as well as Botox offer skincare tips and makeup tricks to make you look young, perfect, as well as plastic that we’ve started to think that’s what you may appear like without injecting something into your face,” she stated.

In The Description Of Her Instagram Photo, She Wrote, “Anything That It Is You Select To Do To Become Confident Within Your Own Skin”:

She wrote on Instagram that she supports “whatever you select for yourself to feel good about yourself.” How you feel regarding yourself is extremely important, as well as I’m all for doing whatever helps you feel the best.

Since I’ve breastfed two kids, I’ve thought a lot about getting a boob job. But she also says, “Transparency is more important than ever when it pertains to beauty standards right now.”

Shenae made the post after she and Cassie Steele, who played Manny Santos on Degrassi, got back together to reenact a single of their lines for Instagram. Here is where you can read Shenae’s post regarding the comments from fans.

Paulina Porizkova And Justine Bateman Have Talked Regarding How Much They Adore Their Wrinkles:

Grimes is just one of many celebrities who are speaking out about how editing as well as hiding the truth upon social media have changed people’s ideas about how people naturally age.

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Grimes isn’t the only celebrity who discusses how much they adore their wrinkles and the way they try to be honest with their fans. Justine Bateman as well as Paulina Porizkova are two other examples.