Shenmue: fans create a mod for the remake with improvements


A team of fans works on not one but two modified versions of the remake Shenmue 1+2, which will transfer what was seen in the product released in 2018 to the Unreal Engine 4 engine and add improvements.

Announced on the Shenmue Dojo forums, the Shenmue Dragon Y Phoenix Collection They are “mods that replace the graphics engine” designed with the idea of ​​bringing the gameplay of Shenmue 1 + 2 from 2018 to the engine that uses Shenmue 3. This will allow the addition of ray tracing and materials generated with physics that give a much more realistic appearance . The engine change has also allowed the team to launch the game world as a complete map, rather than areas that we load separately.

It is important to note that the team is producing two different versions of the mod: the Dragon edition and the Phoenix edition. The Dragon Edition is a 1: 1 port that simply replaces the graphics engine. As for the Phoenix, it is a reissue with everything that the Unreal Engine 4 brings. Everything is transferred but totally modernizing the experience through new functions. They haven’t specified much, but they talk about a new histamine system, and new cassettes at the Tomato Store.

As with all mods, there is no release date. The process is already advanced and some elements ported to the new engine have been shown, so they have even been able to show some screenshots. Of course, being a mod, it is not a for-profit project, and it will not be sold. Of course, it will be necessary to have Shenmua 1 + 2 on PC for it to work.

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It is something similar to what happened with the official Shenmue remake that was canceled. Here you have some footage of the game that did not get to see the light.