Shirley Strawberry Apologizes To Steve Harvey As Well As His Wife Marjorie After A Jail Call Regarding Them Got Out


Shirley Strawberry Apologizes To Steve Harvey As Well As His Wife Marjorie After A Jail Call Regarding Them Got Out:

Getting caught talking about your coworkers is awkward for any employee, but it’s even worse for celebs. Shirley Strawberry says she’s sorry after a phone call she had with her ex-husband was posted online.

Shirley Strawberry, who works with Steve Harvey, was outed in public over the weekend for discussing his marriage to Marjorie Harvey throughout a call with her husband.

Under regular circumstances, it’s possible that this kind of tape would never get out. But since the radio host’s former partner, Ernesto, is in jail, the whole thing was taped.

On Monday’s Steve Harvey Morning Show, the comic talked to everyone who had something to say regarding his wife, especially those who thought she had something to do with the end of his first marriage.

On The Show, Harvey Replied, The Woman I Married Was A Good Woman:

People have been making fun of Marjorie because of reports that she cheated upon her husband alongside a special cook and protection. “The woman I got married to is a good woman,” Harvey stated upon the show.

“She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She loves and respects God, is loyal and true, and is a kind as well as loving person. I don’t care what anyone says, and stop talking about how she was in another marriage as well as ruined it.

Not at all. She had nothing to do with that. Strawberry shared her partner at the time that Steve was scared of Lori Harvey’s mom. “We probably wouldn’t have been all over the house if she had been there.

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You can tell he’s afraid. “I wasn’t supposed to be there, but he let us in,” she said about going to the house of her boss. Now that the rumor has grown into one of the biggest reports, Shirley has talked about it in the video below as properly as she can.

Harvey Said, When The Kings Of Comedy Went Out, My Marriage Was Over:

The 66-year-old then went into detail regarding how he met Marjorie, who was 58 at the time. The host of Family Feud says that Marjorie didn’t come into the picture till a year after he got divorced from Mary Shackelford.

“I got divorced within 2005,” Harvey said. “When The Kings of Comedy came out, my marriage was over. But you guys didn’t know that, did you? Then it was over. Back then, it wasn’t worthwhile a quarter. It taken us this long for a divorce, and that’s when the formal papers came out.

He went on, “I had nothing in 2005. On May 23, we lost the radio show that we were doing in Los Angeles, and on May 10, I lost the sole TV show I had. Steve Harvey didn’t have any cash.

On the last day of the year, I met Marjorie as well as talked to her. She was in Hawaii with her kids. We had nothing when we got acquainted in 2006. She didn’t marry a wealthy man.

Harvey Said That Marjorie Stuck Through Him Even Though He Had Absolutely Nothing To Show For Himself:

When I approached her to marry me at the end of 2006, I had nothing. Harvey said that Marjorie stuck by him even though he had absolutely nothing to show for himself. Things turned out well for Harvey in the end, and he started getting chances from all over.

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On another part of the Steve Harvey Morning Show, co-host Shirley Strawberry said she was sorry for things she said about Harvey and his wife in a phone call that was leaked.

During the phone call Strawberry had alongside her ex-husband, the radio host said Steve has apprehension of his wife and thinks she is better than other people.

“You heard me state that going up the stairs at your house made you tired and that Marjorie sees us to be help,” Strawberry said with sadness.

He’s Said To Have Fired Someone Upon His Team Because Of What It Said:

“I want to say sorry to Marjorie right now for what I stated. “I was not attempting to add to what you already have going on,” she said, referring to the other media storm the couple had to deal with recently.

“I’m sorry; I have no explanation. I said what I said, and I can’t take it back or say it wasn’t true. Steve as well as Marjorie Harvey have been in the news a lot lately, even though they try to mind their own business.

At the conclusion of August, the host of Family Feud was called out for some nasty tweets he sent out from his account. He is said to have fired someone upon his team because of what it said. Steve was additionally accused of having an affair with his wife.

She has since talked about this in a powerful Instagram post. Follow the link below to see what Marjorie enjoyed to say regarding the rumors, and come back later to read additional hip-hop as well as pop culture stories.