Shovel Knight will return soon with a new puzzle game that already has a release date


Pocket Dungeon will debut on PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch this December.

Shovel Knight surprised us all more than five years ago with a proposal for action and platforms under a retro aesthetic and an exciting rhythm. Therefore, from Yacht Club Games They do not want to leave aside their most beloved franchise, and more than a year ago they announced a new video game about it, but with a different approach.

We talk about Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon, which has not offered great details until this week, where its final release date has been revealed. The game will arrive on December 13th to PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, with an adventure that mixes action and puzzles with a new visual style and the characteristic humor of the characters.

Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon

Downloadable content coming next yearIn the post on the official blog where the premiere has been announced, the developers comment that they have been working for three years in the project, which they find exciting. Additionally, they plan to include downloadable content in the future, with three DLC packs that will arrive during the next year, and whose content will be revealed soon.

Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon has already been shown on more than one occasion, and in this summer’s trailer we got to see more about how it works. It will have a story mode, competitive confrontation mode for two players and daily challenges, and from the studio they promise that it will feature unexpected twists that we will discover during the adventure.

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