Silent Hill Composer Announces Project “Fans Are Waiting For”


The composer of Silent Hill and Contra, Akira Yamaoka has said in a recent interview that he hopes to announce a new project this summer and announces that he thinks it’s something fans are waiting for.

In an interview with the YouTube channel AI Hub, Yamaoka talked about his latest job as a songwriter on The Medium. But when asked if he was working on any other projects, Yamaoka replied that there would be an announcement this summer. And most importantly: something that will excite the fans.

“You will probably know something this summer.” Yamaoka has also said “I think that’s what they wanted to hear, more or less.”

There is not much to say here. Yamaoka is most famous for his work on the Silent Hill saga and was an original member of the Konami team development team. A new Silent Hill game has made its way all over the Internet (by way of rumor, obviously) after the cancellation of PT, something that has even served as inspiration for the occasional joke (sorry).

The artistic director of the original Silent Hill team has also recently tweeted and said that he is actively working on a title and added that he hopes it will not be canceled this time. This also seems to make mention of Silent Hills.

However, Sony Japan team principal Keiichiro TOyama left Sony to start his own company Bokeh Game Studio, with Gravity Rush designers Junya Okura and Kazunobu Sato.

Toyama’s project is supposed to be a horror, action and adventure game. Or so he said to our fellow IGN Japan.

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