Silent Hill: The Short Message is listed in Korea, new game in the saga?


The Korea Game Rating and Administration Committee has listed a game called Silent Hill: The Short Messagewhich obviously has not been officially announced.

As reported by Gematsu, the publisher of Silent Hill: The Short Message appears listed as UNIANA, which regularly takes care of publishing Konami games in Korea. In addition, as reported by the media, eFootball 2023, the company’s latest soccer free to play, has also been included in this new classification list edited by the same company.

No further details are known about this supposed Silent Hill: The Short Message, but whatever it is, obviously, looks like something real. In recent months we have had tons of unofficial information and rumors pointing in the direction of a new game in the series by Konami. Among them, there was talk that Bloober Team, a development studio in charge of games like The Medium, was working with the Japanese company on the development of a new game in the franchise or even a remake of Silent Hill 2.

It is possible that this new Silent Hill: The Short Message, if it is really confirmed as a new game in the franchise, is related to those leaks that occurred last May, where we could see a multitude of images of a new unannounced game whose materials were removed due to a copyright claim made, apparently, by Konami.

For now, at an official level, we do not know of any Silent Hill projects in the works.

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