Simeone does know how to play chess, only it is a different variety than the one you know: now you can practice it on these five websites


In the last 24 hours, a great controversy has been unleashed on networks around a photo broadcast by the ESPN sports channel in which Cholo Simeone —Atlético de Madrid coach— and his son Gio playing chess: “Posture photo of the year to look smart playing chess. The board is poorly placed and Simeone plays without rey”, claimed one of the tweets more viral than how many spread it (9,000 RTs, 82 ‘likes’, more than 1,500 responses).

Certainly, it sounds weird to anyone with any notions of chess to think that someone could be playing chess without a king, the piece whose loss means you’ve been beaten. But that just means you don’t know one of the most popular variants of chess, called ‘Lose-Win Chess’, ‘Antichess’ or ‘Suicide Chess’among other names.

Its rules are very simple:

  • If you can capture an opponent’s piece, you are obliged to do so (if there are several options, you can choose between them).
  • The king does not play a special role, so there is no such thing as ‘check’ or ‘checkmate’. When you lose it, the game is not over (as Simeone well knew).
  • Pawns can promote to king.

  • The player wins when he can no longer movethat is, if there are no pieces left or if they are stuck.
  • For everything else, it is identical to chess.

“Yes, Lose-Win Chess involves theory and strategy. Once you are able to avoid basic tactical errors, its strategic depth becomes apparent […] In fact, it’s possible that the game could rival normal chess in that regard.” (Stan Goldovski, programmer of the first Lose-Win Chess video game for DOS)

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Knowing that, let’s review some web resources to deepen in this variant and/or practice it:



In the purest style of the old Flash games, Antichess is a great option to land in the world of Lose-Win Chess: this is a videogame developed in Unity WebGL that offers us, in a pleasant cartoon style, the option of resorting to a ‘training mode’ (to know how we can use each piece), as well as to games against the pc (with different levels of complexity), or 1 vs. 1 on site (alternating who sits in front of the keyboard on each move).

you will meet this same game on many similar platformssuch as Newgrounds or Minigames.

Chess Eureka


The Eureka Chess page includes material on various chess variants, including the one at hand. In the case of Lose-Win Chess, it offers us a small video game, without graphic acceleration, 3D animations or a cartoon aspect, but which allows us to configure various aspects of the game, request advice on possible future moves and evaluation of moves already madein addition to power export the item to PGN (stands for ‘portable starting notation’).



The renowned online chess server offers a course which reviews tactics and moves (Antichess Tactics Course) from Antichess. It’s not about playing against anything or anyone: we only move the pieces executing the movements mentioned in the explanations of the course, which consists of 29 chapters.


You can also use the analysis mode, with which you can play a game against yourself (includes a ‘Practice with the computer’ button in case you want to delegate some movement to the AI). The interesting thing about this mode is that it allows the platform to go suggesting movements, as well as ‘recording’ the steps followed in your game.



At Greenchess we are also allowed to test the rules playing against ourselvesbut it is also possible to play against other users registered on the platform, as well as review a posteriori and step by step games between other users.

International Antichess Federation

Since 2020 there is even an International Federation of ‘Antichess’, which collects on its website the existing tournaments, training resources (rules, video tutorials) and even youtubers and streamers focused on this type of content.


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