Simple And Effective Lottery Tips And Tricks


Picture winning the lottery – clear your debts, save plentiful for retirement, and never work a day in your life again! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. That likely isn’t going to occur anytime soon. But the lottery isn’t solely based on luck.

Read on for simple but effective lottery tips and tricks that bend the odds in your favor. You might just become the country’s next millionaire!

Know what you’re getting into

Though it might be considered common knowledge, looking into your specific lottery is important. You’ll need to buy a ticket with a set of numbers that you can choose independently. The winning numbers will be picked from this range.

Some people might lose hope if all their numbers don’t match up with the actual jackpot numbers. But don’t flush your ticket down the toilet just yet! You may have won a smaller prize if a certain portion of your ticket matches the jackpot numbers.

Buy more

At its core, the lotto is purely a game of chance. If you, say, wanted to roll a one on a die, rolling it more than once would increase your chances, right? It’s essentially what the lottery is as well.

Buying more tickets is one of the easiest and surefire ways to multiply your odds of winning the lottery. You intrinsically increase the base probability of you winning by rolling the figurative odds multiple times.

Make a day of it!

It is surprising how many people don’t utilize this tip that increases your chances dramatically. At the same time, it also keeps your expenditure in check. Lottery pools are so advantageous; we’re surprised they aren’t illegal yet!

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The concept is simple – for example, say five people contribute a hundred dollars each. If the pool ends up winning, you just split the prize money five ways. Otherwise, hey, you get to spend quality time with your friends and family watching the numbers together. Win-win.

Try being a hippie!

Try looking for more fringe or unpopular lotteries that have fewer players consecutively eyeing the jackpot. It is just a simple probability. With fewer people playing, the chances of your winning improve manifold.

Online lotteries have globalized the phenomenon, and more accessibility to rarer lotteries is a plus in our book!

Trust the computers

If your lottery gives you a choice to choose the numbers yourself, you’d probably be worse off making that choice for yourself. Human beings are prejudiced and use emotional reasons for choosing numbers like birth dates, for instance.

Most lotteries have a quick pick system, where a random number generator picks your numbers for you. Research shows that a whopping 70% of all lotteries are won this way. You can count on it working better for you than your dog’s birthday!


Stay in touch with reality and see how many tickets you can reasonably afford to buy without hindering essential things like your ability to afford rent or groceries.

Try not to spend all your disposable income on the lotto, hoping you’ll end up making it big. You’d rather not worry about the money you already spent the following day. Just trust us on that one.

Second-Chance Games

More often than you’d imagine, many people end up not collecting their earnings at all. While rarer, it’s possible that there were no winners this time around! When this happens, the extra cash may be just waiting there for someone lucky out there.

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Look through the rules for your lotto. You might just be required to hold onto your ticket to enter, or you may have to enter your numbers online. The dream is still alive, though!

Hold onto your tickets!

As we mentioned, many second-chance games happen because people didn’t collect their earnings in the first place. While this may be pure negligence, some people don’t keep their tickets safe.

Don’t let anyone else steal your rightfully deserved jackpot! Sign your tickets on both sides to verify that they’re yours.


Suppose you follow these tips and eventually do end up winning the lottery, congratulations! Now’s a good time to tell you that 1 in 3 lottery winners end up going bankrupt. Try not to make any rash or impulsive decisions for the time being – and keep the news to yourself.

News of money travels faster than you’d think. Long-lost relatives and acquaintances will pop out of nowhere. Consider forming a blind trust through your lawyer to make sure you’re safe.


Now that you’ve won an Earth-shattering amount of wealth, you should probably hire some experts to manage it all for you. Don’t worry. You can certainly afford the help now!

And for those who are yet to get their jackpots — keep at it! And we’ll leave you with this advice – keep your focus on having fun and playing responsibly. The winning will come by itself!