Singer Post Malone has the most expensive card in Magic history: its price is so high it’s scary


The music artist managed to get his hands on a coveted Black Lotus signed by one of the game’s earliest artists.

If you usually play some of the most famous card games of the moment, you have probably come across a lot of news that highlights the value of one of these cards based on the price it has reached at auction. This phenomenon has left us surprising anecdotes both in the Pokémon scene and in Magic the Gathering, the latter being the one that stars in today’s news along with the singer Post Malone.

And it is that, in an interview granted to the American program The Howard Stern ShowMalone admits to spending $800,000 in what is already considered the most expensive card of Magic history. As you can see in the video that heads this piece of news, about minute 1 the singer admits having invested this fortune in a Black Lotus firmada por Chris Rushone of the first artists of the game.

Black Lotus firmada por Christopher RushBlack Lotus firmada por Christopher Rush

The Black Lotus is already known in the gaming community for its high market value, but this one stands out especially for the aforementioned Rush signature. After all, this artist passed away in 2016 and, as is often the case in this kind of situation, all cards bearing this exclusive seal they have skyrocketed their price among Magic fans.

An example of this is the Black Lotus from Brandon Sandersonauthor of literary sagas such as ‘The storm file’ and who has already announced a collaboration with Bandai Namco to develop a Soulsborne. After all, this writer stood out in one of his streamings for wearing this letter as if it were a pendant, despite the fact that its price exceeds thousands of dollars.

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