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Six years after Riquelme’s retirement, FIFA paid him a special tribute: the striking omission of two teams

Riquelme celebrating his last title with Boca (Twitter: @FIFAcom).
Riquelme celebrating his last title with Boca (Twitter: @FIFAcom).

Today marks six years since the retirement of Juan roman riquelme and the FIFA remembered him with a tribute on his Twitter account. It was with a message and four photos, two of them in Boca, where he is one of the club’s greatest idols, the Argentine National Team and Villarreal. The former midfielder announced his dismissal from professional practice after being promoted to First with Argentinos.

The governing body’s tweet contains a phrase from JRR: “The best toy I have ever owned is a soccer ball. The person who invented it is my hero”. The message “On this day in 2015 a man who did amazing things with a ball retired. Fans of Boca Juniors, Villarreal and the Argentine National Team will never forget the magic of Juan Román Riquelme”. Barcelona, ​​the club where he played after his first outing from Boca, is not mentioned. Neither to Argentines. It is possible that his non-inclusions are due to the fact that he only played one season in each team. While the publication had 1,100 retweets, it was cited 137 times and had 4,900 “likes”.

The selected photos are two with the Xeneize shirt. One from 2001, the year in which he achieved his second of three Copa Libertadores with the blue and gold institution. The other is from his last title with the entity of La Ribera, in 2011. The image of Villarreal is with its classic celebration of Topo Gigio. With that team he reached the semi-finals of the Champions League in 2005/2006. And that of the National Team is that of the match against the Netherlands in the 2006 World Cup in Germany where he appears surrounded by three orange players.

Roman surrounded by four Dutch, at the 2006 World Cup in Germany (Twitter: @FIFAcom).
Roman surrounded by four Dutch, at the 2006 World Cup in Germany (Twitter: @FIFAcom).

It is not the first time that FIFA has paid a tribute to Roman. In 2019, he released a video focused on his passage through the senior national teams and a youth team. It was about the aforementioned Senior World Cup and the 1997 Malaysian U-20, where he was world champion. He also accompanied with some allusive words: “One of the great game creators in history. Juan roman riquelme. Class, pause and domain “.

Also in 2019, FIFA incorporated Riquelme into its “Hall of Fame”. He was included among the best ‘Ten’ in history along with Diego Armando Maradona, Lionel Messi, Pelé, Zinedine Zidane, Zico y Roberto Baggio, among others.

While six years ago, when the current vice president of Boca announced his retirement, FIFA also greeted him through the same social network and put “the last 10”.

After a great campaign as a footballer, he took a long break from the environment. But he returned with his role as leader. After the December 2019 elections, Riquelme assumed as Boca’s number two behind Jorge Amor Ameal, but it has -perhaps- the greatest interference in the club’s professional football decisions.

With his classic celebration doing the Topo Gigio (Twitter: @FIFAcom).
With his classic celebration doing the Topo Gigio (Twitter: @FIFAcom).

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