Skull & Bones still adrift: game’s co-director and lead designer leaves ship


Following the dismissal of the director, it is now Antoine Henry who has announced his departure from Ubisoft Singapore.

We have already welcomed 2022, but that has not changed our expectations with Skull and Bones. The video game developed by Ubisoft Singapore It is accumulating many problems in its development, with the study delaying the title on more than one occasion and seeing its image tarnished by accusations of sexual harassment that were targeted at its highest authority.

This was Hugues Ricour, who was fired from the company in November 2020. He was the division director, and now we have learned that one of the co-directors will also be leaving work on the project. Is about Antoine Henry, who has announced through LinkedIn his departure from Ubisoft Singapore after serving as co-director and lead designer of the title.

After 15 years, today is my last dayAntoine HenryThe message has been brief, without offering great details beyond saying goodbye with his colleagues. “Bye, Ubisoft! After about 15 years, Today is my last day, “writes Henry.” I am very grateful for the people I have met and what they have given me professionally and personally. I hope I have given you a little bit back from me. “

Skull & Bones

This event is just one more stone in the way of this tortuous development that we would have liked to know more about in the past year. The wait seems eternal, and the ghosts of a possible cancellation are not the first time they appear, but the latest statements from the study assure that the development is going well, so we could see it from the next fiscal year, which begins in April of 2022.

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