Smarter, more prone to air pollution, increased risk of death from corona

Coronavirus and air pollution: Research in Europe and the United States has shown that experiencing prolonged air pollution can increase the number of deaths due to Kovid-19. This information was given by ICMR Director General Balram Bhargava on Tuesday. He said the study showed that “virus particles live in the air with PM2.5 particulate matter but they are not active viruses.” Also Read – Payal Ghosh will remain isolated till the corona test, attended the party in the presence of Ramdas Athawale

Bhargava said at a press conference here, “Compared to the mortality in polluted areas and lockdowns in Europe and America and looked at their association with pollution, we found that pollution is a clear contribution to deaths from Kovid-19 And these studies prove this well. “Every year in North India, including Delhi, the air quality falls to a very poor level during the winter season. Experts have warned that the high level of air pollution could worsen the Kovid-19 epidemic. Also Read – The skin of this Chinese doctor had turned black due to Corona, now returned to normal; Partner has lost his life

Bhargava said that it is a proven fact that pollution is related to death and said that the cheapest way to prevent pollution is to wear masks. He said that people wear masks even though there is no epidemic in cities with high pollution. The ICMR chief said, “In the Kovid-19 guidelines, whether wearing masks, following social distance, breathing and cleanliness of hands, we don’t have to spend that much. Wearing the mask has a double benefit as it protects against pollution along with Kovid-19. ” Also Read – Health Minister hopes, ‘Corona vaccine may be available from early next year’

Regarding the corona virus infection in children in India, he said that the overall data of the country shows that only eight percent of the total infected cases of Kovid-19 are under 17 years of age. Bhargava said, “Probably less than one per cent under five years of age”. He said that there is evidence that children are “spreaders” rather than more spreaders (super spreaders). Can be.

In response to a question, Bhargava said that not a single case has been reported so far in India in which Kovid-19 patients have Kovasaki disease. Kawasaki is an autoimmune disease that affects children below five years of age.

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