Smiling Friends Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know


Smiling Friends Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Adult Swim has set a date for Season 2 of Michael Cusack as well as Zach Hadel’s show Smiling Friends.

The Australian-American animated TV show for adults went off the air in 2020 as part of a series of April Fool’s Day jokes.

It caught on with so many people that it ended up being a favourite. A second season was ordered by the production company! Even the people who made it didn’t see it coming.

Each episode of the first season is about 11 minutes long. There are eight episodes in the first season.

The first episodes are supposed to come out once a week. In the end, they all came out on the same night, just on release date.

In Smiling Friends, the story is about a company called Smiley Friends Inc., that also tries to make its customers happy.

Together with the people who work there, who are the central protagonists of the show, Charlie and Pim try to talk to their clients on the phone or go to their homes to improve their spirits and help them deal with their own hard lives.

Surprisingly, it has gotten a lot of good reviews from both viewers and critics. This is because the story is weird and funny, and the characters are funny and awkward at the same time.

The website IMDB gives this animated TV show for adults an 8.8 out of 10 rating, and the website Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 97% average audience score.

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Smiling Friends Season 2 Release Date

It’s hard to talk about the season 2 of Smiling Friends before it’s clear that the show will come back.

There has been no official information about the second season. There hasn’t been any official word on when it will come out.

Keeping this in mind, it is possible that season 2 will come out in the winter of 2022 or 2023 if the show is brought back soon.

Smiling Friends Season 2 Cast


Michael Cusack plays Pim Pimling, Allan, Mr. Pimling, Bliblie, the Demon, Grim, Ketchup, Mr. Frog, Pepper, Amy Pimling, Mrs. Pimling, Rex, and Warren Buffett. as Mr. Boss or other people’s voices

Zach Hadel played Charlie Dompler, Glep, Bliblie, Boss Baby, DJ Spit, Desmond’s mum, Gnarly, Mip, Mr. Frog Fan, Mr. Peanut, Ronald Reagan, Salt, The Century Egg, The Devil, Charlie’s grandma, and Glep’s grandchild.


  • As a Party Bro or a Forest Demon, David Dore
  • Mick Lauer as Bug, Guy at the Gym, Crazy Cup, Elf, or Other Voices
  • Erica Lindbeck as Assistant, Jennifer as Barista, Mustard, and The Princess
  • Chris O’Neill, who played Smormu/Mr. Frog Trying Out
  • Hans van Harken as Jimmy Fallon, Priest, Hell Faces, or Other Voices
  • Rodrigo Huerta as Guy in Line, Jacob the Goblin, or other voices
  • Joshua Tomar as a Centaur, Grandpa Glep, Police Officer, or Other Voices
  • Harry Partridge as the announcer for Smormu, in Grease, or in 3D Squelton


  • Mike Stoklasa as Desmond or himself
  • Finn Wolfhard as Man Living in a Wall; various Bliblies
  • Nick Wolfhard as Graham Nelly and other Bliblies
  • Alpha is Tom Fulp.
  • Jane Badler as the host of a celebrity show
  • Shrimp as David Firth
  • Patron “Chills” as Dylan
  • As Dream Singer, Jason Paige
  • Simon S. Salty is played by Perry Caravello.
  • As Charlie’s girlfriend and waitress, Monica Franco
  • Jim Knobeloch, as the host of a mystery show,
  • As a police officer, Clyde Boraine
  • Mr. Man with Lyle Burruss
  • God as Gilbert Gottfried
  • James Rolfe plays himself.
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Smiling Friends Season 2 Trailer

Smiling Friends Season 2 Plot

During the first season, we see how Charlie Pim as well as Charlie Pim try to make one‘s clients happy and solve their problems. 

Enchantress, Ketchup Packet, as well as Mr. Frog are some of the clients. Together with Smormu and a few other people, they are making the fifth Happy face Friend.

We can see Charlie dies at the finale of the initial season when the tree dies on him. He is sent to hell, where he tries to cheer up Satan.

If there is a second season of Smiling Friends, we might see what happens to Charlie. We could also find out more about how the boss and Smiling Friends Inc. deal with competition.

There will be a lot of sarcasm and satire about the current situation, as well as awkward but funny moments and satire.

For example, in the first season, they talk about things like the revocation culture and mental health.

It will be interesting to see how the characters are helping each other. In fact, this gives off good energy and is empowering. Fans enjoy the series because of this. They can’t wait for season 2 of Smiling Friends.

“Smiling Friends,” a small group whose goal is to spread happiness around the world, gets a simple request to assist a sad woman’s son smile again.

They give the job to Pim and Charlie, but it turns into being harder than they thought. While this is going on, Allan looks in the Smiling Mates office for the slice of cheese he lost.