Snoop Dogg does a streaming, leaves at 15 minutes but leaves the live open for 7 hours


Legendary Snoop Dogg did an interesting live stream of the Madden game on Twitch this past weekend. After only 15 minutes playing, he turned off the console in frustration and left, but forgot to stop the live show that remained active for several hours.

As they comment from PC Gamer, the artist turned off his Xbox after receiving a touchdown from the opposing player, visibly angry. You can see it in the video below. Music continued to be heard in the background and therefore the live show has several moments of silence (due to copyright) but the spectators not only did not leave but they continued to join a broadcast in which absolutely nothing happened.

(Update: It appears that the re-uploaded live has been removed from the Twitch platform.)

After seven hours and 37 minutes, Snoop Dogg appears in the room and seems to realize that the live is on, stopping him. At that time there were 250,000 people watching the broadcast.

It is not the first time that Snoop Dogg is related to the world of video games, and he was the absolute protagonist when Microsoft sent him a refrigerator in the shape of an Xbox Series X. It is common to see the artist in different presentations and video game events, in addition to carry out some broadcasts from time to time while playing.

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