Snowdrop Season 2: Release Date, Cast, and Everything You Need to know


A Korean drama called Snow Drop will be premiered on December 18, 2021. Jung Hae-in and Kim Jisoo were the series’ main actors. You may have already seen the drama unless you’re the craziest BLACKPINK fan. That is a must-watch if Jisoo is your favourite member. With Jung Hae-in, Kim Jisoo made her acting debut in Snowdrop.

The couple appeared endearingly together throughout the drama, and viewers even adored them. Speaking the play narrates the lovely love story between South and North Koreans. Jisoo portrayed a South Korean university student, and Jung Hae-in portrayed a North Korean agent. Jo Hyun-tak was the drama’s director, and Park Sang-soo and Park Joon-seo were the producers.

Dramas from the South and the North have a history of being stunning. The best instances of South-North Drama include Doctor Stranger, Crash Landing on You, and others. Yoo Hyun-mi wrote the script for the drama. Jisoo received appreciation for her performance in snowdrop, the drama that served as her acting debut. Viewers of the show are curious as to when Season 2 will be released after seeing Season 1.

Will Season 2 Of The Korean Drama “Snowdrop” Return?

The first season of the well-known Korean drama Snowdrop, which debuted on December 18, 2021, had 16 episodes, and it ended on January 30, 2022.

And the first season received a lot of favourable feedback from viewers, who anticipate the show would be renewed for a second season. Nevertheless, it has not yet been officially announced if Snowdrop will be extended for a second season.

Snowdrop Season 1 Recap

1987 is the year that Snowdrop’s narrative takes place. It was at the height of the Korean Democracy movement. Kang Cheong-ya, Lee Gang-mu, and Lim Soo-hoo are three North Korean agents that were dispatched to the south. He resides in South Korea and is a graduate student.

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He instantly falls in love with Eun Yeong-or after meeting her for the first time. He was discovered bleeding on the spot in Jisoo’s room in the girl’s dorm. She tries to keep him hidden from the warder and another girl in the hostel with her housemates. She introduces her to him and even develops feelings for him. He is concealed by Jisoo in the empty room on the terrace.

According to reports, the ex-water committed herself in the room, and her ghost still hangs about. The ANSP arrived at once to inspect the form after discovering something odd! Lim Soo- ho was confronted by armed men as he attempted to flee. He held Yeong-or at gunpoint in order to protect himself!

THIS WAS QUITE TERRIFYING, TO SAY THE LEAST! How could someone threaten a loved one with a gun? After seeing the exciting episode, the thought did indeed cross the viewer’s mind, but let me assure you that, despite holding her at gunpoint, his objective was not to murder her. Knowing that she is the director of ANSP’s daughter and that no one will harm him till Yeong-or is with her, he did it on purpose.

The entire dorm was taken hostage by Lim Soo-ho and his pals. The Dorm is at the centre of the narrative. The paper plane Yeong-ro constructed for Soo-ho was their cutest creation. Finally, it was revealed that Lim Soo-ho lost his life defending Yeong-or. The drama’s saddest aspect is how they’re able to get away with it! The narrative of our snowdrop couple’s love is still unfinished. All I wanted was a happy ending, but there wasn’t one! The fans are disappointed by this!

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The cast of Snowdrop Season 2

We anticipate that the majority of the cast will return to their roles if the show is extended for a second season, which looks improbable. The lead character of the show, Jung Hae-In, will return as Lim Soo-ho. Other cast members include Jung’s love interest In-na as Kang Cheong, Jang Seung-jo as Lee Gang-mu, Yoon Se-ah as Pi Seung-hee, and Kim Hye-Yoon as Gye Bun-ok.

Snowdrop Season 2 Expected Plot

Snowdrop takes place in 1987, a significant year in South Korean history that saw the Democracy Movement of June 1987, a widespread movement of discontent aimed at forcing the tyranny in South Korea to hold fair elections, and the subsequent popularity-based elections of December 1987, which led to the overthrow of the dictatorial Fifth Republic of Korea and the establishment of the vote-based Sixth Republic of Korea.

Season 1 of Snowdrop By the end, a few secrets were left unrevealed, building suspense for Snowdrop Season 2. Although the official release date for the upcoming Snowdrop Season 2 has not yet been announced, we have had the opportunity to obtain information regarding the premiere of the new season from many reliable sources.

Release Date for Snowdrop Season 2

The series 8.8 out of 10 IMDB rating is a clear sign that it had excellent actors who were able to convey the sharply written plots. With such a number, renewal should be a given, but since shows with higher ratings have seen significant cuts, it will be too soon to make a judgement. Despite its popularity, the show faces opposition since many Koreans believe it distorts their country’s history.

They have also suggested that spreading the narrative to everyone in the world would mislead people who are unaware of the full circumstances. Several companies pulled their sponsorships after a petition to prohibit JTBC from broadcasting the series received 267,000 signatures in one day, and the series’ future is currently in limbo. At this point, the series’ renewal will depend more on chance than on the show’s popularity.

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The launch date for Snowdrop Season 2 has not yet been determined. We may anticipate the second season of the television programme Snowdrop to debut in early to mid-2023.

Snowdrop Season 2 Trailer

Sadly, there has been no definite comeback, thus there is no new trailer. As far as we understand, filming hasn’t even begun, thus it appears to take some time.

How many episodes are there in Snowdrop?

The Snowdrop television series has 16 episodes altogether. If Snowdrop announces a second season, we anticipate that it will contain the same number of episodes. See what happens after that.

Where Can I watch Snowdrops?

Given that JTBC is the official network for this series and that you share the same interest in it as many others, you can watch it there. If you don’t already have an affiliation with this, you can watch the show on Disney+. Today, many people prefer to use an OTT platform to view their favourite series because these platforms allow you to watch your favourite shows whenever and from anywhere.

Is Snowdrop worth watching?

The excellent series Snowdrop is one that you will really appreciate. It is required viewing for K-dramas aficionados. You will constantly stay on the edge of your seat because each episode has so much to offer.

Even more, people are drawn to it because of the original plot and outstanding actors who portray the characters.