Snyder’s Justice League: new teaser shows Deathstroke and Darkseid


A new announcement trailer for Justice League (Snyder version) has appeared on Twitch and shows us 30 seconds of what appear to be Flash, Joker and Deathstroke in Batman’s Knightmare, plus some Darkseid footage.

Actually the trailer has not yet been released on YouTube or on social networks, but the medium has taken it and they have shown it. In the trailer we see Darkseid sitting on a throne, talking about how he has “turned 1000 worlds to dust.” We have also seen that Batman nightmare and also the new look of Flash (Ezra Miller) in it.

The teaser continues and makes it clear that Darkseid is pissed off at “those who have stolen his glory”, which he says while beating up dozens of soldiers from Atlantis. The next to make an appearance is Jared Leto’s Joker in Batman’s nightmare, holding a letter from the Joker (very witty) and finally showing us Deathstroke, who also appears in the batman nightmare.

It seems they are alluding to a group consisting of Deathstroke and Batman, something that Snyder already spoke to us about at IGN’s Fan Fest 2021.

“We’ll find out that Joe’s character in this movie has some kind of an arrangement with Batman which puts them, in a way, as a team. I suppose there is a greater enemy to contend with.” We then see different scenes of League characters like Superman, Aquaman and Cyborg before seeing how the planet is being eaten or attacked in some way by Darkseid.

The teaser ends with a Darkseid somewhat different from the one at the beginning of the trailer. It changes its color to black and flashes sprout from it. Something tells us that it is a Darkseid “overloaded” and more powerful … or not? On March 18 we will know.

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