… So the treason trial had hurt, Sachin Pilot made many revelations, why did you say to Priyanka Gandhi, know what happened

new Delhi: Why was Sachin Pilot angry? And why is the resentment so much that he got into rebellion with the party and the Congress. After the rebellion, a statement came from the Sachin camp that the Gehlot government in Rajasthan is in a minority. And about 30 MLAs are with me. ”After this statement and Sachin Pilot and his camp MLAs camped in Gurgaon, there was a panic that the political mercury from Jaipur to Delhi suddenly went up. Meanwhile, BJP also became active. The Congress continuously alleged that the BJP is trying to topple the government. Gehlot wrote a letter to PM Modi and even told Sachin Pilot to be useless and unacceptable. After this, some Congress leaders told Sachin Pilot even to the BJP leader. There was also discussion that Sachin Pilot can go to BJP. He is in touch with BJP. After Jyotiraditya Scindia tweeted in his support, then this discussion caught on. Also Read – Rebellion Again Returns: Sachin Pilot Revealed, Caused Outrage From Congress, Said- There Was Some Objection, Now…

This is the main reason for displeasure
Well, now Sachin Pilot has returned. MLA from Sachin Pilot camp has returned to Jaipur from Gurgaon. After the change, these MLAs have called Ashok Gehlot their leader. Sachin Pilot, who came to the fore, has told the lawsuit that the main reason for his displeasure with many things was done against him. It was being said that Sachin wanted to become CM, so rebelled, but Sachin denied any longing for a post. Sachin Pilot said that he was angry at many points, among them it was a case of treason, which was filed by SOG. The first thing Sachin said was that it should not have happened. Also Read – After long resentment, Sachin Pilot is set to return home, Sonia Gandhi committees to solve problems

It was a fight for respect, not for the post, to run the government
With this, Sachin said that he had some objections in the way the government worked. Some MLAs were not being heard. The outrage was about ideology and ideas. There was no intention of toppling the government. If the party takes office, then it can also give the post. My displeasure was not for the post, but for the honor. Also read – Surin in lieu of MLAs of Sachin Pilot camp, said- Ashok Gehlot is my political guru

Posts can be found again
It is being believed by Sachin’s words that Sachin can get all the posts which were taken away from him. The state Congress president and deputy CM can be re-created. At the same time, it is also being said that Congress will bring Sachin Pilot into the politics of the Center.

So thank you to the Gandhi family
Sonia Gandhi, Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi met Sachin Pilot. There was a long conversation. After this, Sonia Gandhi has also formed a three-member committee, which also includes Priyanka Gandhi. A three-member team including Priyanka met Sachin and listened to him today. It is being told that Priyanka Gandhi had met Sachin Pilot several times in the last few days. Priyanka was in constant touch with Sachin. Priyanka has also been placed in the team that has to clear all complaints by listening to Sachin.