So you can change the brightness of the external monitor of your desktop PC without resorting to its physical buttons


As you well know, Windows offers a native indicator to raise or lower the brightness level of our screen. However, this indicator is only available on laptops, since the monitor is built into the system itself. But nevertheless, there is also a way to do it on desktop PCs without having to resort to the physical buttons on our screen.

The applications we are going to talk about today are ‘Dimmer’ and ‘Monitorian’, both of which are available for Windows. Its operation is tremendously simple, and we can manage the brightness of all the monitors that we have connected to our computer from the same panel.


It is a completely free application that you can access through its official website. In a ‘portable’ version and without installations, allows us to modify the brightness of all types of monitors through a tremendously simple interface.

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We can configure the app to run at startup, and it works by applying a brightness filter on the lighting of the monitor itself. Thus, we can even lower the brightness below the minimum that supports our screen, something that can come in handy in cases of absolute darkness.


Through a switch, we can increase or decrease the brightness of our monitor. In case we have several connected, each of them will have its own switch. It is very easy to use, and above all, it allows us to carry out this action without having to modify the brightness from the menu of the monitor itself, something that, depending on the monitor, can be cumbersome.


Monitorian Store

This app is available in the Microsoft Store itself, and from my point of view, offers a better experience than Dimmer. The reason is simple; It doesn’t work with a filter, but by changing the actual brightness of the monitor. However, as a fundamental requirement, our monitor must support DDC/CI function. In case you do not offer this support, the monitor will not appear in the application interface. However, most modern monitors support it.


Monitorian works in a similar way to Dimmer, although it is a much more complete application, since also allows us to assign hotkeys to raise or lower the brightness level of each monitor. In addition, we also have the option to change the contrast level.

The app works like a charm, and we can also configure it to start with Windows. And the best of all; Is completely for free.


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