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Since about June we have seen how the price of light continues to skyrocket. Those who are suffering the most from the price escalation are the households that have a contract in the regulated market, compared to those in the free market, which pay different prices and can reach different offer agreements with the marketers, as if it were an offer for fiber.

Since this year, the logic that having a discriminated rate from the regulated market was the best is no longer applied. It does not mean that in the coming months it will no longer be a valid reasoning, but the current reality is that almost 11 million Spanish households (which according to Red Eléctrica take advantage of the PVPC) are paying much more daily than they could be paying in free market trading companies.

In this article we will see how to find out online how much more we are paying for electricity compared to what the free market offers at the moment. With these data, you can choose whether to continue as before or whether to change companies.

How to know how much you can save on the price of electricity

Electric Consumption Real Time

The article will serve for all users, since consumption data is common, but it will be focused on helping users of the regulated market. How do you know if you are in it? Seeing on your invoice if you have the TUR or PVPC rate (Voluntary price for small consumers). If you have them, you are in the regulated market and your prices depend every day on what is published in the BOE, which is the source by which we know hour by hour how much we pay. Also, if you have one of these rates, you have the famous three billing periods that came into force in Spain in summer.

The website that we are going to use to compare our consumption and what we pay for the price of electricity versus what we could pay is the great Electricity Bill Simulator. We can use it with data chosen from our invoices or by uploading files generated by our distributor. Let’s look at both cases.

The important thing is the percentage saving according to the invoice. Saving 9 euros on a 30 euro bill is a lot, 30%

This is how the simulator works with manually entered data

To find out if we can save in less than five minutes, we will use the simulator manually, taking our last invoice and entering the consumption in kWh in the box “Your consumption if you do not have the CSV file” so that the simulator estimates how much we pay per year and how much we could pay with other invoices. These are the data that I have entered according to the last invoice that arrived, from which an annual estimate will be made (if we want, we can indicate that it only calculates a specific date by choosing the period in “Calculate a specific date”:

Consumption Manuals Simulator

And this is what it throws having chosen that consumption for December 2021 with my rate at that time, the PVPC 2.0 TD of the regulated market:

December Light Price Simulator

The simulator for December practically nails the consumptions that I had, which instead of 73 that the web indicates were 70.21 euros in invoice. This way I can compare how much I am paying extra. And what I see in this case is that I could have saved with 27 rates from other companies.

The surprising thing is that with 18 of them I could have saved more than 10 euros, and with two of them more than 28 euros. The simulator offers links to the companies, without having advertising agreements with them. Even so, it is advisable to find out about all the conditions before choosing one from the list, as there may be unreflected changes, permanence, etc.

The electricity bill is in chaos: the time sections are no longer useful to know when it will be cheaper to put the washing machine

Use the simulator with a CSV file

Light Price

With the CSV file we can see our consumption hour by hour of each invoiced day.

This is the most appropriate way to use the simulator, but it will require many more previous steps if we are not registered on the website of our distributor. The steps to do it and why it is important we have previously reviewed in Genbeta. In this article you can see how to check which is your distributor (not to be confused with marketer), how to register and how to obtain the consumption file in .csv format of the consumption period that we choose.

In order not to repeat ourselves, let’s see the process after having downloaded the consumption file, which in our case includes the period from December 22, October to January 8, 2022. Once we go to the simulator, if you have PVPC you do not need to enter prices. Only contracted powers for each period (peak and valley), which in our case is 4 kW in both. We will upload our consumption file to the section “Enter your CSV consumption file”, in which we will click on “Choose files” to examine our PC. The next thing will be to choose the date to analyze in the “Calculate a specific date” section.

After that, we will have to go to the bottom of the web, where we will have to click on the orange button “Calculate”. And the simulator will present us with a comparison like the one in the previous section. P

Light Price Simulator

Again, we have 20 rates with which I save. With seven of them, in this period from December 22 he would have saved more than 14 euros. If the annual savings were proportional, We are talking about more than 400 euros with the cheapest rate that the simulator shows today.

There are offers from companies that do not appear in the simulator, but the important thing is to know that you can save a lot

With these data, until now it had been in the regulated market, but since December I switched to the free market without permanence, and I save more than one euro a day. In addition, the price is fixed per hour, so I no longer worry about the sections. In case everything returns to normal, I will return to the regulated one, because with it I have managed to save 20 euros a month in the best time.

An earlier version of this article was published in 2021. We have updated it.


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