Sofia Vergara Is A Famous Actress Teresa Giudice Of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Called Her The Rudest Woman Ever


Sofia Vergara Is A Famous Actress Teresa Giudice Of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Called Her The Rudest Woman Ever:

One well-known reality star doesn’t like Sofia Vergara. She said that the “Modern Family” actor was the “rudest woman” she has ever met.

Teresa Giudice of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” criticized Vergara for how she acted when they first met years ago. Giudice says that she just joined the well-known Bravo chain and that she and the other woman were both being interviewed via Mario Lopez.

Within Most Recent Podcast Of Her She Named Vergara The Rudest Figure She Ever Met:

In the most recent episode of her “Namaste B$tches” podcast, the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, who had previously criticized the “Modern Family” actress, named Vergara the “rudest” figure she’s ever met.

Giudice told co-host Melissa Pfeister about a time in 2017 when Vergara supposedly didn’t want to take a picture alongside the reality star downstairs during a talk show. Giudice said that Vergara ought to be “nice” because she is a “immigrant.”

“Sofia Vergara’s PR person as well as my PR person talked, and I guess they both said, “Let’s get an image of Teresa as well as Sofia together.” Giudice remembered making fun of Vergara’s Colombian accent at one point.

Giudice Stated That She Is Not Interested I Taking A Picture With Her:

“I wasn’t interested in taking a photo with her. She said again, “I’m not like that.” “She was standing right in front of me when we headed out to take a shot. OK, that’s not how you snap a picture, I guess. She was probably the most rude person I’ve ever met.

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I saw her whole attitude, and then I heard her ask her PR person, “Why are you making me snap a picture with that lady?” in a Colombian accent, which Vergara also used.

“All I could say was, ‘Excuse me?'” “I didn’t want to pose for a picture with you,” I told her. I told her, “I wasn’t going to ask to take an image alongside you.”

“She was simply staring at me,” Giudice states of Vergara, before confessing that the two women left each other without taking a picture.

“I thought, ‘How rude…’ ” You don’t have any humility. You didn’t remember where you arrived from. It’s not like she started out on top. She didn’t remember where she had been. “She wasn’t a person who lived in the real world,” Giudice stated of the Colombian woman.

Fox News Digital asked Vergara’s rep for a response, but they didn’t answer right away. This isn’t the first occasion that Giudice has made fun of Vergara in public. In 2017, at a “Real Housewives” event, she said she “can’t stand her” shortly after describing the same situation.

“I hate to say that because, you know, I’m Italian and she’s Colombian. She has an accent, and she has a stronger accent than me! Since she came from another country, you might think she would find it nice. No! I’m just saying that she seems like someone who might be nice,” she said.

Giudice brought up their fight again because she as well as her podcast co-host, Melissa Pfeister, had spoken about Vergara’s announcement that she and her husband, Joe Manganiello, were getting a divorce in their last show.

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Teresa was upset by this, and she’s saying again that Sofia should have been nicer since, in Teresa’s mind, she came from a poor background. When she shared this same story on a show in 2017, she was more direct than she is in this new clip.

Giudice Told Sofia Due To She Is A Immigrant She Had To Be Nice:

At that point, she told Sofia that because she had been an immigrant, she had to be nice. And again, she says the same thing here. mocking her Colombian accent on top of that.

Teresa seems to be assuming that Sofia is from a Latin American country that she doesn’t know. When she talks to American stars, she needs to show an extra level of respect