Solar system mystery: know a place where precious diamonds rain

Rain of Diamonds: In our Solar System, the planet Saturn is a mysterious planet which is surrounded by a special ring. Scientists have discovered that diamonds continue to rain on Saturn. A similar atmosphere also occurs on the planet Jupiter. Due to this, diamonds are rainy on the planet Saturn. Also Read – VIDEO: Rain in Delhi, water is seen on the streets of the capital

Explain that the size of the planet Saturn is 9 times larger than our Earth. It is the second largest and heaviest planet in our solar system. Which is 140 million kilometers from the Sun. It takes 30 years for Saturn to revolve around the Sun. That is, day and night on Saturn is 30 years old.
Saturn’s atmosphere has methane gas clouds. Also Read – The country received 27 percent more rainfall in August this year, the fourth time in 120 years

Now the electric energy of space collides with methane clouds, then carbon is released from the molecules of methane gas. When this carbon comes down due to Saturn’s gravity, it turns into hard graphite due to its high temperature and atmospheric pressure. The size of these diamonds is up to 1 millimeter by 1 centimeter. Also Read – Heavy threat of flood in these states in next 24 hours, Meteorological Department gave this warning

Scientists claim that similar rains of diamonds also occur on Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. Because like Saturn, Jupiter also has a large carbon store.
How this secret of diamonds opened?
Actually, research work on the atmosphere and atmosphere of Saturn and Jupiter is going on in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA, the space agency of America. Where the data of these planets are analyzed. A scientist named Dr. Kevin Wrens was engaged in this work. Those who have analyzed the data obtained from these two planets have concluded that a large amount of carbon is present on both these planets. Which turns into diamonds due to high temperature and atmospheric pressure.
There are thousands of tons of diamonds
Diamonds are found in deep coal mines on earth. Where coal is converted into a carbon diamond due to high pressure and temperature. But this does not happen on Saturn and Jupiter planets. Every year thousands of tons of diamonds are rained here. Like Earth, diamond is not a rare item on both these planets.
Dr. Kevin Wrens stated this in his research paper held at the annual meeting of the Division for Planetary Sciences in Colorado, USA.
According to their research paper, the diamonds that shower on Saturn and Jupiter melt in the volcanic center in flames of these planets.
Terrible storms often occur on Saturn. Black clouds of carbon are surrounded there. The temperature is very high there. Which turns carbon particles into graphite and then diamond. The journey of man has not started on Saturn and Jupiter. When this series continues, perhaps diamonds will not be rare on earth.

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