Solve the SBC Duván Zapata Futties Premium in FIFA 22 with the cheap solutions and without loyalty


Another fantastic option if you’re looking for a solid forward for the bench.

There is no doubt that one of the most important aspects of FIFA 22 is the strikers, and this Futties Premium version of Duvan Zapata It is one of the most interesting and economic options that we remember in the EA soccer simulator, especially if you get it through a Squad Building Challenge (SBC) of which we give you the cheapest solutions and without loyalty.

You’ll only need to complete two squads to secure the services of this lightning-quick Serie A striker, and best of all, neither of them are particularly expensive. If you’re looking for a guaranteed refresh player, this is a pretty solid option. We tell you what are the solutions proposed by BSJ Gaming.

Solve the SBC Nicolo Barella Futties in FIFA 22 with the cheap solutions and no loyalty

FIFA 22 Duván Zapata Futties Premium SBC No Loyalty Cheap Fixes

Serie A TIM

The requirements of the first template are the following:

  • At least one Serie A TIM player.
  • A minimum average of 84.
  • A minimum chemistry of 70.

FIFA 22: Ultimate Team

We are facing a fairly simple first squad, whose only slightly more complicated requirement is the minimum average of 70. The only player that is out of budget is Depay, but it is necessary to be able to choose a player with a lower average in the rest of the positions . The base of the squad is Ligue 1, and you will have to invest around 75,000 coins.

value of roster: 86

The requirements of the second template are the following:

  • A minimum average of 86.
  • A minimum chemistry of 60.

FIFA 22 Image: Ultimate Team

The main problem with this template is that the chemistry is still quite high compared to the average, so you have to look for quite a few chemical bonds of 9 to be able to meet the requirements. A player base from the Bundesliga has been used, and although many of them have fairly low averages, the most expensive pieces (TOTW players, wow) require spending around 100,000 coins in total.

You will be able to get the two templates (and the rewards associated with each one) for a 175.000 coins in total. We have been repeating ad nauseam that these prices are VERY cheap for players with these characteristics, but it is the truth: it was unthinkable to get an average DC of 95 and these statistics at this price a few months ago…

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