Some people hate the intrusion of Bing so much that they have created an app for Windows to Google their annoying searches


If there is a reality in the web search engine market, it is that (at least in Spain) Bing has not just taken off. And not only that, but because of how accustomed the public is to Chrome, the seeker becomes even annoying. Not because it is bad or necessarily worse, but because Google won that war and there is little argument to reopen a fight.

However, Microsoft is not enough, and wherever he could, he puts Bing in without asking us if we like it or not. It happened in Windows Phone and it happens now in Windows 10 and 11. Although in Edge we can change the search engine, it is not like that in the system, which also forces us to open Edge on certain occasions, although another browser is the default.

That “Google” is the most searched word on Bing (according to Google) has not made it easier for Microsoft to get rid of Bing entirely, so users have had to be the ones to make it possible. This is how MSEdgeRedirect was born.


MSEdgeRedirect: the old Edge Deflector now neutralizes more than Edge


Edge Deflector has been an application with which you could bypass the fact that the microsoft-edge: // protocol would automatically open the Microsoft Edge browser instead of the default browser on the system. Microsoft has reinforced that lately, to which developers like Mozilla have responded with criticism.

The response from the community has been to launch a new version of Edge Deflector that, as we have said, goes beyond neutralizing Edge, and with version 0.6 it also neutralizes Bing, so that Chrome and other browsers search directly in Google . It is important to highlight that, For MSEdgeRedirect to work, you have to make Edge stop being the default browser. Once we have done it, we can replace what to open the PDF with, we can replace the meteorology results by choosing the provider and replace those from Bing to many search engines.

I have been using Bing instead of Google for more than a year and I hardly notice the difference, except in the money I earn

In the list we find Ask, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Google, Sogoy, Yahoo y Yandex. Additionally, the utility provides the possibility of choosing a personalized search engine. If you want to achieve something similar to what MSEdgeRedirect achieves at the system level but with respect to the browser, and maintaining Edge, there are extensions like Chrometana that redirect everything that happens in our browser to Google.


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