Some Pokémon are based on mythological creatures, and here are 10 of them


It’s one of the franchise’s most common sources of inspiration, and with nearly 900 in all, there are plenty of examples.

Pokémon Sword / Pokémon Shield

The Pokémon Sword and Shield games introduced the newest generation of pocket creatures that we can capture and train. Having almost 900 Pokémon known to this day, it is not surprising to know that several designs are strongly inspired by various sources, being perhaps the strongest of all, mythological creatures.

Aztec, Egyptian, Norse, Hindu, Chinese and Japanese, there are quite a few mythological stories that our world knows. If in each one you have numerous deities, heroes and villains and even monsters, the reason why Pokémon takes so much inspiration from this source is clear, and we are going to introduce you to 10 examples next.

Drowzee - Baku

Drowzee – Baku Within Japanese mythology, the Baku are invoked to consume the bad dreams of children. Despite their disturbing appearance, the Baku are seen as calm creatures, an attitude that Drowzee also shares.

Imagen: Myths and Folklore Wiki

Arcanine - Shishi

Arcanine – Shishi The Lions of Fu, known as Shishi, are guardians who were born into the Buddhist religion. They are often seen guarding the entrances to temples and other structures. Arcanine’s design and personality is a clear reflection of them.

Image: Fu Lions @Wikipedia

Castform --Teru teru bozu

Castform –Teru teru bozu Castform is a Pokémon with a simple design, but its appearance can change depending on the weather. The Teru teru bozu are Japanese amulets hung in homes, which ward off the rains and attract good weather.

Imagen: Teru teru bozu @Wikipedia

Ho-Oh - Phoenix

Ho-Oh – Phoenix Similar to Moltres, Ho-Oh has a very clear reference to the Phoenix, a mythological creature with colorful plumage that represents the resurrection. This creature burns in holy fire upon death, an iconic attack from Johto’s Pokémon.

Imagen: Myths and Folklore Wiki

Gyarados - Dragon Gate

Gyarados – Dragon Gate The evolution from Magikarp to Gyarados represents the Chinese history of Dragon Gate. It is a gigantic waterfall that many tents try to climb, and those that reach the top are transformed into powerful dragons.

Imagen: Longmen (mythology) @Wikipedia

Infernape-Sun Wukong

Infernape-Sun Wukong Another clear resemblance is in Infernape and Sun Wukong, one of the most popular Chinese gods. Also known as ‘The Monkey King’, Wukong is a master of the martial art kung-fu, possible reason for the fighting type of Infernape.

Imagen: Smite Wiki

Shiftry --Tengu

Shiftry –Tengu Shiftry is known as the guardian of the forest, a profession he shares with the Tengu creatures. Some of them are evil, but others protect just as this Pokémon does, which also adopted the long nose of the Tengu.

Image: Tengu @Wikipedia

Torterra - World Turtle

Torterra – World Turtle In various mythologies, it was believed that the world was carried by a giant tortoise, a design that Torterra faithfully adopted, as it is believed that the Pokémon world was carried by a Torterra, according to the words of the official Pokémon site.

Imagen: World Turtle @WIkipedia

Froslass --Yuki-onna

Froslass –Yuki-onna Froslass was born from the resentment of women who died in snowy mountains, while Yuki-onna is a woman who stalks travelers lost in the snow, and feeds on their life force. Inspiration is more than obvious in this case.

Imagen: Myths and Folklore Wiki

Ninetales - Kumiho

Ninetales – Kumiho The Kumiho, or 9-tailed fox, is a creature of Korean origin. Foxes that live more than a thousand years are said to become Kumihos, and in the official description of Ninetales, it mentions that some live that long.

Imagen: Kumiho @Wikipedia

Did you know all these examples? What is your favorite Pokémon? Just this year, Japan chose its 30 favorites, on the occasion of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the franchise. Now that the Diamond and Pearl remakes arrive on Nintendo Switch, along with Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the creatures we met in the Sinnoh region are likely to rise in popularity.

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