Some PS Vita developers were unaware that PSN was going to shut down


The PlayStation Store from PlayStation 3, PSP y PS Vita is going to close, and while there aren’t many developers working on these machines anymore, there are still Vita games in development. According to those affected, they have learned of the closure by the same means as all of us.

Last March 29On the same day our colleagues at IGN in North America reported the closing of the PlayStation Store, Lillymo Games announced that they were canceling the PS Vita version of their next game because the store was closing just the day before its launch.

In a direct message to IGN, Lillymo Games’ Barry Johnson has said that they had not advised the studio about the Vita store closing in any way. In fact, Johnson has said that they just bought a second Vita kit last month.

“When we heard about the issue from TheGamer, we did not contact Sony for clarification, and they did not respond to us. We learned of the closure at the same time as the rest of the public and had to cancel the PS Vita version of our next game. . “

TheGamer, who initially reported on the closure of the PlayStation Store for older Sony consoles, also spoke with several developers who were working on PS Vita games for the future.

One of them is Miguel Sternberg, game designer at Spooky Squid. Sternberg is currently working on a port of their Russian Subway Dogs game and they want the Vita version to hit Vita before the store closes in August.

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“I have been working to do ports of the game for PS4, Xbox One and Vita, it has been a back and forth for several weeks,” Sternberg said in a message to IGN. “It was quite a strong emotional impact now that I was happy for the best I had implemented at the port of Vita over the weekend, and suddenly knowing that it would be too late to launch it. And I know it is possible but only if I can get there on time. It was a waste of time. “

IGN has learned that these deadlines have reached the developers through an email sent to them from Sony, according to which the final date to send their games to the PS Vita Store is July 12, and the last day to launch content is July 29.