Someone has made a step-by-step guide to install Windows 2000 (and make it compatible with more modern software) in the middle of 2021


Windows 2000, like most Windows since 95, does not represent any challenge for the average user when installing it: Regardless of things like choosing a geographic area and language, much of the installation process could be summed up in pressing “continue” several times.

So why would we now recommend consulting a Windows 2000 installation tutorial made up of 27 steps, many of them certainly complex for a non-advanced user?

The reason is simple: if you are the complete opposite of an ‘early adopter’ and ever you’ve clung to your favorite version of Windows for years when Microsoft had already launched its successors a long time ago, you will have verified that in addition to the security problem represented by the absence of security updates On the part of Microsoft, there is another big problem when working with this installation in your day-to-day life …

the inability to install / update applications, as these require other operating systems and / or APIs and frameworks not available for your favorite Windows. An example of those applications, in the case at hand, could be Office 2007.

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Hence, the authors of the website PhreakNet – mostly, on the other hand, dedicated to phreaking – have developed a complete tutorial called “Windows 2000 Modernization Guide” for guide us through the installation of a Windows 2000 on steroids.

Many of you will not remember it (because you never had the chance to use it), but Windows 2000 was an elegant operating system that stood out, above all, for its stability

27 steps to hypervitamin your old friend Windows 2000

The tutorial begins by telling us that Let’s use an original Windows 2000 installation medium, to have an ISO that we can modify using HFSLIP, a tool to integrate updates and service packs in the facility itself. Once this altered version of Windows 2000 is installed, we must install a key component: KernelEx.

KernelEx, short for ‘Extended Kernel’ has been developed by an anonymous programmer who signs as ‘BlackWingCat’: this is a project aimed at extending the Windows 2000 API in such a way that applications that could not work on a Windows 2000 ‘out of the box’ (in many cases, not even in XP) due to the absence of certain software components.

From there, we must install, in addition to Office 2007, a whole series of applications and software packages intended to alter, patch and supplement our Windows to incorporate certain features of more modern software: thus, it includes points such as making sure we have the Calibri font, or manually downloading cryptographic updates originally intended for Windows XP.

Now you can run Windows 2000 in your browser thanks to the power of JavaScript

We will also have to rename, move and even alter (hexadecimal editor using) various DLL files. With all that and some other details (especially regarding changes in the system configuration), we will have a hypervitaminated Windows 2000 ready to work.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can use all the software you use on modern Windows without a problem (although it is quite likely that you will be lucky with some popular applications like Notepad ++ or VLC), but it does. you will be able to install versions released long after the release of Windows Vista.

And, to avoid having to go through trial and error, the author of the tutorial has compiled the supported version numbers of some of the major applications.


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