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Getting into an MMORPG fully is something that can intimidate more than one, and it is no wonder. Being the video game genre that intertwines more content, systems and mechanics, start from scratch, and more if you are new to the genre as such. Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix’s hit game, as much as it makes it special and different, he is no stranger to all this.

In the end, you are more or less a veteran of the game, there are many things that can be overlooked, and that is normal. Today I am going to talk about my own experience with the game and the things i wish i knew before. Some are quite basic and will make your experience with the game much easier, while others are more advanced and will serve you when you have a few more hours of play behind you.

Extract is not the same as recover

This is something that I learned relatively little ago, and that I have spent almost 3000 hours of play. When you reach level 19, you can visit Swynbroes in Central Thanalan (Ul’dah), who will have a quest for you. Upon completion, you will get the ability “Extract Materia”. Sure, this may seem like it serves to recover the materials that you put into your teams, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Things I Would Have Like To Know Final Fantasy Xiv

You see, in this game there is a mechanic called Spiritbond, the more you use a piece of equipment in fights, the more it will go up, and when it reaches 100% it will allow you to extract a matter from that piece. The materials you can get depend on the item level of the equipment, but In current armor you will get level 9 and 10, for example.

While you’re leveling up, this will matter little to you, but by hitting 90 and equipping yourself (for example, with the Moonward sets provided by current Tomestones), you can save yourself tens or hundreds of thousands of guiles if you’re lucky. On the other hand, if you want to start taking advantage of this mechanic, I recommend buy Superior Spiritbond Potion at HQ to further speed up the process.

Positional circles

If you play a melee DPS, this is going to make your life much easier. If, on the contrary, you play any other type of class, you will not care, but good. As you know, around each bug you target, there is a circle that informs you of where it is looking and where its sides are. But, what if I told you that he also talks about whether he needs positional attacks or not?

Positional Circles

As you can see, to optimize your damage against the Striking Dummy you do need positionals.

If you look at your abilities, you will see that some speak to you of “rear” and “flank”, which means that you will do more damage from behind or from the sides respectively. Well, this is not always the case: the circle that surrounds the enemy will also let you know if you are facing an exception. If you look at the back of this, you will notice that most of the time it is broken, which means that you do have to pay attention to the positionals. If, on the contrary, it is not, you should not worry about them. You have to be careful!

Don’t get pushed!

This video game has a mania for including a lot of mechanics that push players, which can be quite annoying (especially if you are a caster) or even lethal, depending on the situation. This trick is a little more basic, but all classes have an ability that makes them immovable for the next 6 seconds.

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In the case of casters, it is Surecast, an ability that also prevents your casts from being cut off (of course, don’t worry about this other effect and focus on not being moved, as this will also destroy your casts and has the potential to kill you). On the other hand, if you are a physical class of any kind, you will have Arm’s Length at your disposal. The latter can also be useful if you are tank dungeons, as it will make enemies attack you more slowly for the next 12 seconds when hit.

Your Grand Company is your friend

Whether you are from Malestorm, Twin Adders, or the Immortal Flames, your Grand Company has a lot to bring you. If you go up to rank Sergeant Second Class, you can unlock the deliveries, a method with which you can exchange your spare dungeon equipment for Company Seals. With these, you can buy enough materials and objects from the Grand Company store to keep or sell on the marketboard. In addition to that, you will be giving Company Credits to your Free Company, which will translate into greater purchasing power for buffs!

But the thing does not end there. Also, to rank Second Lieutenant, they will give you your own squad of soldiers. If I’m honest, when I unlocked them, I decided to skip them, and that was a mistake. Send them to train whenever you can and you will unlock several of their functions. What will interest you the most is having them prepared for Squadron Missions and Command Missions.

Grand Company Squadrons

During the first, you will simply send your subordinates to complete different missions. When they do, they can bring rewards for you. Personally, I always try to choose the missions that give Squadron Rationing Manuals, which will extend the duration of your meal by 15 minutes, something ideal for Extremes, Savages and Ultimates raiders.

On the other hand, if what you are looking for is to level up classes that you have short, Command Missions are an indispensable resource. Thanks to these, you can go to dungeons with your soldiers and make them fight for you. It will not be as fast as doing it with people, but the level of attention you must pay is minimal (give them orders in each pull and voila) and the experience they give is quite succulent. In my experience, I would recommend using them in conjunction with roulette wheels up to level 50.

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Link glamor plates, the fashion trick

I’m even ashamed to say that I learned how to do this after 2,500 hours of play, but here I am. We all know that clothes and fashion are the true endgame of Final Fantasy XIV. Unfortunately, many classes share equipment and, if you want to have a glamor for each class (and you do not know this trick), you will need to apply the same many times aspects to your equipment.

Well, thanks to the glamor plates (sets of team appearances that you will be able to customize in your hotel), it is possible that, when equipping yourself a class set, the glamors you have chosen will automatically be applied to it. To do this, you will have to go to Gear Set List, click on the “+” symbol, register your equipment set and right click on it. There you can choose Link to Glamor Plate and, in the next menu you see, choose the aspect you want to link to.

Things To Know Final Fantasy Xiv

Note that every time you switch to that class, that costume will be reapplied, and you will spend Glamor Prisms. That’s the bad part, the good part is that it is very easy to get them using Grand Company Seals. You see? In the end everything is related.

Avoid filling your Glamor Dresser by taking advantage of the Armoire

We have already talked about gamours and how badly they are, but did you know that not everything has to take up space in the Glamor Dresser? Since this has limited space (of just 400 objects, even though the limit used to be 200!), you can also use the Armoire to make yourself as handsome as possible.


Ok, but what is the difference? Well, very simple (or maybe not so much). To begin with, the armoire does not have a limit of objects that you can put in it, but it does bring with it a very big limitation: you can only store specific clothes there: things from events, bought by the Mog Station, etc. Fortunately, there is a way to know what fits there instead of in the dresser.

If the icon you see highlighted in red is not gray, it means you can save that to the Armoire and save yourself an interesting amount of space in the Dresser. Also, whenever you try to put in this second something that could go in the first, you will get a little warning reminding you of that.

Interrupting attacks is better than dodging them

If you have been paying attention to the cast bars of your enemies, you may have noticed that there are two types: yellow and red. This not only warns that the attack is coming is stronger, but also signals what attacks can be interrupted. This will be the job of the tanks and the ranged physical DPS (Machinist, Bard and Dancer), who have their own skills for it.

In the case of tanks, Interject, while the ranged use Head Graze. Keep in mind that, by now, the most normal thing is that the tanks take care of this, Well, there will always be one hitting the enemies, while you are not always going to have a physical rank in the party. Be that as it may, here you can see the difference between the two casting bars.

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Bar of the esunas

Are you playing healer and you don’t know which states can be withdrawn with Esuna and which ones cannot? It’s pretty badly explained ingame, but there are, in fact, different icons for altered states that the game players will receive.

things I would have liked to know about final fantasy xiv

If you look closely, on top of these sometimes there is a white bar, while other times not. The ones that do have this bar, are the ones that you can get rid of by pulling Esuna (or The Warden’s Paean, if you are a bard!), While the other altered states will simply go away with time or by doing some mechanics. The latter is very important, because not being able to withdraw the state with Esuna does not free you from having to deal with it. There are states like Doom (Condemnation) that are sometimes removed by healing the person to the limit of life, for example.

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